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Hey guys so I need your help. My friend came up with these ideas. So I'll let you decide which one I will write first. So order the ideas from 1 to 5. 1 being the one you want the most and 5 being the least. Can't wait to hear from you. :)

#1 Bucky trying to figure out how to give steve a bj and executing the plan.

#2 modern army pre-serum!au where steve sends bucky pictures of himself experimenting with different toys.

#3 Bucky buying Steve a sexy corset for a birthday gift and makes Steve wear it. Then Steve feels sexy and teases Bucky and they do the do in it.

#4 au where Steve and Bucky live in the avengers tower and Bucky does Steve against the window in broad day light.

#5 either Steve or Bucky working at a flower shop and either one of them trying to woo the other with the meaning of flowers.

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