Sometimes you just have to figure it out for yourself

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⚠️Warning⚠️: this is smut. You don't like smut or BoyxBoy smut don't read on. You have been warned!
----------------------------------------------------Prompt: Bucky trying to figure out how to give steve a bj and executing the plan.
Author's Note: ughhhh you have no idea how much I've dreaded to write this and the next one because frankly because yeah I can read it no biggie, but writing it is a different story...but I hope you like the story. Also even though my rate of writing and then publishing them is slow I'm not done with this book. Not even by a long shot. Well unless my mom sees that I RP again against her wishes and makes it to where all my apps are deleted and I have to get permission to download things from my mom and or grandmother, and she'll be able to see what I do on my phone 24/7...but other than that, my little Cadets you are stuck with me!Also it's because if you all that I am where I am #6 in the Stucky just unbelievable and I'm so grateful of all of you so thank you so much...anyways that's all. And I Love you all! Also the picture shown at the top was something I drew and I thought you guys might like seeing it. :3
Bucky was confused, throughly and utterly confused. He was still further behind Steve in some degrees with this century and this is one of those times. Now you might be wondering why, was this hydra secret weapon confused and that my friends is really funny because it all started with their very flirtatious texting. And telling Steve that he wanted to give him a present a very special present, and that's why he's in the predicament. He knows Steve's gonna be a little sad if he doesn't hold to his word so now here he is with their shared laptop is looking up, "What are good presents or treats to give your boyfriend." Now Bucky is still new to the Internet and Google. "This is gonna be interesting," he thought. Well to be honest he didn't know what he was looking for and what he found, intrigued him as well as got him thinking which made him have a tent in his pants. Oh he was defiantly going to do this he was positive. Even though it would be the first time he would do this he was sure Steve would love it. Bucky cleared the history, closed the browser, and turned off the computer because he needed to get everything ready for tonight.
[Time skip brought to you by Pre!Serum Steve yelling, "FIGHT ME!!!!!"]
Steve came home a few hours later, Bucky could hear him from where he was in the kitchen. Bucky was busy cooking dinner for them when he felt arms wrap around his waist from behind and a kiss on his neck. "Hey doll." Bucky smiled, "Hey Darlin' how was work and training?" Steve groaned and buried his face in the crook of the others neck, "I don't want to bring work home tonight. It's just about you and me talking about work or..." He slowly started to kiss down Bucky's neck slowly, "the Avengers, SHEILD...just us tonight, okay?" "Hm...just about us sounds really good...I do still have that present for you after dinner," the brunette purred seductively. "Oh I remember and I can't wait because after that," The blonde paused and kisses back up Bucky's neck, " I may or may not have a surprise for you baby doll." Bucky shivered as some very indecent thoughts came to mind. "Excited are we," Steve whispered huskily. "Maybe," the other replied as he kept cooking. "Now go wash up Stevie dinners almost done. Remember the sooner we eat the more time we have tonight," he added a sly wink to get his point across. "Okay sergeant I'll be quick," he relied leaving the feeling of his hot breath on the assassins ear. Steve walked off and cleaned himself up and walked back into the kitchen just as Bucky finished with dinner. They set the table and ate slightly faster than normal and had some small talk but that was about it. After they finished eating Bucky picked up the dirty dishes, cleaned them, put them in the dish washer, and then started the dish water. Immediately after Steve had him against the wall and was brutally kissing and leaving hickies down Bucky's neck. The metal armed man moaned but pushed Steve away slightly, "My present first Darlin' then you can show me your present, but come with me." He walked toward their shared bedroom, leaving a baffled Steve to follow. Once in their room and the door closed Bucky pushed Steve on the bed and straddled him. "Now first off lets get you in the proper attire for this...Stevie..." Bucky stripped Steve of his shirt and started to mess with his belt buckle. "You trust me Stevie?" "Y-Yeah Buck is that even a question." Bucky smirked and ground his hips onto Steve's, "Oh I can feel that this is making you happy..." He slipped his metal hand down Steve's pants and palmed the erection lightly causing Steve to groan quietly to himself. He took his hand out and slowly unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off slowly leaving Steve in only his underwear. "That's better but still not fully acceptable but for you let me just get to your level with the amount of clothes." Bucky quickly stripped himself down to only his underwear as well. "Now...for your present." Bucky crawled up and started to kiss and leave hickies down Steve's neck and down his chest. Once he got to the waistband of the others underwear he started to slowly tug them off until he threw them somewhere random on the bedroom floor. "Oh Stevie I'm glad I can make you have such a good feeling." The blonde blushed, "Only you make me feel this way..." Bucky smirked moved to where he could easily have access to the appointed target area. "Now do you want your present Stevie?" Steve nodded and replied, "Yes please." Bucky smiled and said, "So proper still." After than Bucky slowly licked down the shaft slowly, causing the other to moan. Bucky smirked to himself and did the same thing but then taking the head in his mouth. He hummed as he took more is Steve in his mouth until he had all of him in his mouth. He then began to alternate between sucking, humming, and biting on the occasion. Steve was like a puddle by the time he was getting close to his climax. He was trying his hardest not to thrust into Bucky's mouth but he couldn't help it and he thrust into the others mouth almost causing Bucky to choke but he didn't. "B-Bucky," Steve moaned, "I-I think I'm almost there baby doll...I'm so close..." Bucky smirked and kept at it until Steve came in his mouth. Bucky kept at it until Steve came down from his climax. "B-Bucky...that was amazing. were amazing baby doll..." Bucky swallowed down Steve's semen down hungrily and smirked at Steve, "Really?" He climbed back up to kiss Steve hard on the lips, "I'm glad I did so well darlin'...I mean if only give the best to you," he purred. Steve was out of breath but wasn't panting as bad as he was earlier, "Come here baby doll." Bucky did as he was told and became eye level with Steve, "Yes Stevie?" Steve smoked and flipped them over to where he was on top of Bucky, "Now it's time for your present Buck." Bucky's breath got suck in his throat as Steve attacked his neck with biting and sucking leaving hickeys where ever he pleased, "Your mine baby doll and I want everyone to know it," he growled.
Bucky replied breathlessly, "O-okay Stevie...I'm whatever you want." Steve smirked, "Anything?" "Anything," Bucky replied breathlessly. "Well them I'm gonna make you scream." "I can't wait Stevie, I want you to make me scream." Steve laughed, "Oh really," he whispered huskily in Bucky's ear, "I'm going to make you scream so loud and so much you'll loose your voice baby doll." Bucky smirked, " I can't wait." Steve roughly pulled off Bucky's underwear, grabbed the lube, put some on two fingers and roughly causing Bucky to moan. "That feels good damn good." "Language sergeant or I'm gonna have to punish you." Bucky bit his lower lip, " You can shut the fuck up out punishment..." Steve glared at Bucky, "I'm giving you one more chance to clean up you act with your language or you aren't getting the rest of your present. Do you understand." "Y-Yes captain," he purred, "I understand..." "Good boy," Steve replied. He kissed Bucky sweetly and began to move his figures in and out of Bucky. "Can you move faster Stevie your going to slow," groaned Bucky. "No I'm going to take my sweet time baby doll." " You s-suck darlin'. You really do." Steve smirked and winked as he replied, "I try." Steve started to move his fingers in and out of Bucky faster and added a third finger. He kept going until he made the other cum. "D-Darn you Stevie..." "You ready to scream baby doll?" "Y-Yes I'm ready Stevie." Steve slicked up his length and pushed in Bucky slowly causing the other to moan. Eventually Steve bean to move pulling out and thrusting back into Bucky mercilessly. Bucky was in fact doing exactly like Steve said and he was slowly loosing his voice. Steve kept it up until Bucky came again as well as himself. "You were such a good boy baby doll," Steve kissed him, "so good." Bucky could barley talk so Steve pulled him close and cuddled him. They both fell asleep in each other's arms.

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