It's just a movie

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Authors Note: What's up my little cadets? I hope your having a great day and night. I love you all and I hope that good things come your way. And sorry for the grammatical mistakes in advance if there are any. :)

Because both men had loads of pop culture to catch up on they decided to do a classic movie marathon, classic to Tony and Clint's standards that is, which included Jaws, all three Jurassic Park movies, as well as going to the theater to see the newest installment to the franchise, ET, all Alfred Hitchcock movies, and so many more that they forgot the movies names. After staring at the Television for what seemed like days but was only 8 to 12 hours of movie watching they decided to take a break and go out and get some fresh air and sunlight. They decided to go to the local park and take a walk which was cut short because there were so many god damn birds in the park. Mind you that they had finished all Alfred Hitchcock movies before they went on their walk and the last movie they watched was "The Birds " so they jumped out of their super soldier skin when one was sitting on a park bench. They hauled their butts out of there and wouldn't leave the apartment until Sam and Natalia came and forced them back out into the world and told them that the movie was just a movie and that it would never happen. Needless to say Tony and Clint got a talking to from Natalia and Sam because that movie left the war harden super solider edgy for weeks even months even if it was only a movie.

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