I know how to make it better

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Authors Note: I'm actually not really sure to call this a head cannon or a short story so it just kinda a mixture of both I guess and sorry ahead of time if it seems I'm changing the way it is used in 3rd person I do that sometimes ^^
3rd person POV
On days when Bucky had to save Steve from getting his butt kicked even more than usual. He would bring the scrawny crusader back to their apartment they shared and tell him to sit on the sink in the bathroom. He'd then get the first aid kit they owned for that singular purpose. After he cleaned and bandaged the others wounds he would just sigh and call the other a punk, which received the remark jerk. Causing both of them to laugh. Bucky would then look at Steve and say, "I know how to make it better." Steve would act confused and would say,"How?" Which would cause Bucky smile and retort, "You'll just have to wait and see." Bucky would then pick up the now patched up boy and carry him to their shared bedroom and place him on the bed after shutting the door. Steve would usually blush and look up at the older one and say, "Now can I know?" Bucky would chuckle and rolled his eyes playfully, "Sure ya punk but first close your eyes." The other would comply and that let the other sneak up and kiss him softly of the lips and place his hands on the others waist. When he pulled back he saw that the other was Ruby red in the face. Bucky's hands were still on Steve's waist when he spoke again. "So Stevie," he smirked as he said it causally which made the other feel special but also blush even more, "how'd that help you feel?" Steve being bashful would look at his hands and stutter, "It helped." Bucky would smile and then get up and turn off the lights in their room and then comes back and crawls next to Steve. He'd pull him down against his larger chest and hold him close while saying, "You're a punk." "Jerk," the other would say causing him to smile and kiss Steve's forehead and cuddle the other closer. "Goodnight love." "Goodnight Bucky." It may have been earlier than when they normally go to bed but they were tired. Bucky and Steve. Would stay like this all night until Bucky had to go to work the next day and have to do this same routine the next day. But they wouldn't have it any other way.

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