A Sort Of Update

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So I'm working on the next story and since you guys have been waiting patiently I thought I could give you a preview of the being of the next story. So here you go my little cadets, for being good girls (and maybe boys) you get what I have written so far for the next chapter enjoy. Also holy crap 6.27 K reads with 276 stars and 80 comments. I'm flabbergasted, but anyways I hope you like it!

Bucky was confused, throughly and utterly confused. He was still further behind Steve in some degrees with this century and this is one of those times. Now you might be wondering why, was this hydra secret weapon confused and that my friends is really funny because it all started with their very flirtatious texting. And telling Steve that he wanted to give him a present a very special present, and that's why he's in the predicament. He knows Steve's gonna be a little sad if he doesn't hold to his word so now here he is with their shared laptop is looking up, "What are good presents or treats to give your boyfriend." Now Bucky is still new to the Internet and Google. "This is gonna be interesting," he thought...To be continued soon...
So I hoped you guys like it so far. I promise I'm trying to get it done, I've just had online school and the EOC's and I had my phone taken away for a bit so...yeah fun times! Anyways love you all. And as I say to you my little cadets (for the first but not the last time) At Ease.

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