Chapter: 55

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I stole another glance of Elena sleeping peacefully with her hair sprawled all over the pillow. I didn't know how to do this. These were probably a few last moments of her peace for a while now. However selfish or irrational it might sound, I didn't want to break the news to her, but I had to.

I sat down and gently touched her cheek. Her eyes peeled open before she flashed me a lazy smile. "Good morning."

I licked my lips, unable to offer even a tight lipped smile. "Get up."

"What happened?" She sat up with furrowed brows.

"Your Dad." Her face immediately paled a few shades. I swallowed before completing the rest of it. "He suffered another attack."

Elena gave out a shaky exhale before letting out a weak "When?"

"This morning. Dean called a minute ago."

"We need to go." I nodded.

"Go change."


Elena looked worried out of her mind. Another attack after that big a surgery? She knew the possible consequences. She almost stumbled her way up to the emergency floor.

"Mom!" As soon as Talia looked up at her daughter a fresh set of tears rolled down. She tightly hugged Elena like she would never let go. It wasn't long before the doctors came out.

"Doctor?" Elena gulped, afraid to even complete her question.

I knew what was gonna come out of the doctor's mouth. It was in the way he pursed his lips and briefly looked away, the uncomfortable shift in the posture of the other doctor behind him.

"I'm sorry. We tried our very best but he was too far gone."

Stunned silence followed. Talia slumped back down on the seat. Elena on the other hand was absolutely stoned in her place. Walking up to her back I gently placed my palms on her shoulders. She was too shocked to feel my presence.

No one uttered a word until Talia said out of pure disbelief. "He is dead."

"No!" Elena's protest rang out. That one statement had triggered her out of her stupor. She shook her head in denial.

"No that can't happen! My dad can't die!" Dean shut his eyes, his face twisting in agony. Olivia hugged Talia and sobbed who cried silently.

Elena's head snapped up to the doctors. "Do anything. Save him! My dad's a fighter. He can't die like that!" The doctor looked down, helpless.


"No, Rylan, tell him. He can't die. You hear me? DAD CAN'T DIE!" She had this crazed look in her eyes, refusing to grasp the reality. She didn't accept her dad's death and was ready to fight anyone who would tell her otherwise.

I nodded at the doctors, silently communicating. Nodding back they walked away. "Come on." I tried holding her hand but she swatted it away immediately. Olivia apprehensively moved towards us when I gestured to her not to.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Elena took a step back. She glared at me, betrayal burning in her eyes and even though I didn't know the reason behind it, something still painfully twisted inside me. "You said Dad's gonna get the best treatment in the world. The best doctors, best everything. Then how can this happen? HOW CAN HE DIE?"

The muscles in my jaw clenched as I purposely ate up the distance between us. She started thrashing the moment I grabbed her.

"DON'T! YOU PROMISED!" Elena pounded her fists into my chest, shoulders and everywhere she could manage. I pulled her closer in an attempt to stop her. There was suddenly so much rage, anguish in her and she didn't know how to vent it out.

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