Chapter: 45

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"What are y—" I was cut off when he put his filthy mouth on mine. The all too familiar feeling of his lips made me feel nauseous. I froze for a second or two before I grasped the reality and kneed him in the stomach. He stumbled back before looking up at me in shock.
"MOVE THE HELL AWAY!" I yelled as I saw him approaching me. He put his hands up in surrender but didn't back off.
"I am going to call the cops if you don't leave right now!" He looked to be contemplating but that lasted a second long before disappeared from my sight.
Running a hand through my hair, I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. I roughly wiped my mouth with the back of my hand feeling absolutely disgusted. Feeling too agitated to drive, I fetched my phone and with shaky fingers, dialed Rylan's number but it went on ringing. I wanted to meet him right then. Besides I didn't feel comfortable enough to talk about everything at home with Liliana always there. However, all my calls went totally unanswered.

I cursed myself for halting in my steps but I couldn't help it. The scene in front of me as I entered, really fucked up my already screwed mood. Ava was sitting in between Rylan and Liliana while they all were watching something on the television. Nothing abnormal with it but something inside me twisted painfully.
Rylan stood up and walked this way as soon as he saw me there. "Elena, you're late." I pulled my gaze up from the floor to look at the slight crease on his forehead. From the peripheral vision I realized that I had the attention of everyone in the room.
"Mommy, do you want to see a movie with us?" At Ava's voice I turned my head towards her, my eyes stealing a quick glance of the television screen.
What caught my eye was Rylan's phone which was on the empty side of the couch where he was previously seated. Then why was it so difficult for him to pick up the call?
"Mommy?" I snapped back into reality and blinked before plastering a fake smile for her.
"Not now sweetie! Some other time." She pouted a little before going back to watching whatever shit a bald, big headed guy was saying. My eyes locked with Liliana for a quick second.
"Where were you?" Rylan pulled my attention back to him. I wanted to run upstairs and get into bed. This interrogation was the last thing I was in the mood for.
"What does it matter? I'm here, ain't I?" He looked taken aback by the way I suddenly snapped and so was I. I glanced at Ava and was relieved that she was highly engrossed in the movie and totally oblivious to everything else. I shut my eyes for a small second and heaved a sigh.
"I'm tired. I'll go upstairs and rest." I didn't wait for his reply before making a quick route to the bedroom. Pushing open the door I dropped the bag on the couch. My feet carried me straight to the bathroom. I locked the door before leaning against it.
Ever since I remembered, small things could get me really stressed out. I released a shaky breath as my eyes stung. I never really did good with emotions and the tears rolling down my cheeks were further proof.
I don't know if I was being extra but I just got assaulted and on top of that I was having to deal with my insecurities. I guess it was okay to cry. I showered, taking all the time in the world. I knew that by the time I would step out, Rylan would be there in the room. It was confirmed when I saw him sitting at the edge of the bed staring at me. He stood up at once.
"What's wrong?" He blurted the question. I brushed past him to put my phone to charge.
"Why will you ask that?" I felt him walk closer till his scent was clouding all my senses.
"You look bothered by something." I turned around to see him looking at me with a frown.
"There’s nothing." I said with a small shrug. My thoughts were all over the place. I really didn't know how to explain it to him.
"Ele-" Before he could pester me about it, I cut him off.
"Did you check what's with Liliana?" He regarded my question with a blank stare before nodding.
"I did." I raised a questioning brow.
"And everything…. everything was alright? Nothing fishy there right?" He took a small pause before nodding.
“Yeah. It's all good." I was relieved that at least there wouldn't be any possibility of a situation when she would go missing with Ava.
On the other hand I wasn't sure where this fact made me and Ava stand. Eventually she would learn about Liliana being her real mother and I would have to step aside, of course. Maybe I will still be her friend.
"Lili just wants to know Ava and spend time with her. She's really trying." I would be lying if I say that hearing her nickname smoothly roll off Rylan's tongue didn't poke my heart. He sounded content with it and maybe that's what was right.
"Are you gonna tell me what's wrong?"
"I had a little fight with Hannah." The lie left my mouth quicker than I could process.
"Is that it?"


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