Chapter 25

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Walking through the door, I saw Elena sitting on the sofa with folded legs and watching a movie. At the sight of her, memories of today clouded my mind which didn't help with my headache.

"Stacey, get me a cup of coffee." I yelled.

"Stacey left. She had some important work. I can make you your coffee. How do you want it?"

"No please! Don't tire yourself on my account. Let me not hear complaints that I am mistreating you." She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. Fucking pretend! That's all she was.

"What do you mean?"

I scoffed at the innocent face she had pulled off. "Of course you don't know what I mean!"

"You know you're so difficult. I simply offered you a cup of coffee. Why are you being rude?" She folded her arms and glared at me.

I chuckled and nodded. "Yeah, now go, run to your boyfriend and let him know how I am being rude to you." She scrunched up her nose and creased her forehead like she couldn't comprehend a single word coming out of my mouth.

"Boyfriend?" Clicking my tongue in annoyance I massaged my forehead but nothing placated the anger I felt.

"Don't act. Just don't! Dean came to my office today and lectured me on how I should be treating you." I closed my eyes once and took a deep breath. "Tell me, when did I do anything that earns me that threat?"

"I never said anything like that. He must have been there out of concern, I'm not sure." I stared at her face and how convincing she sounded.

"Stop lying." She immediately responded with a "I'm not!"

"Why does he know about the contract when I told you to not tell anyone about it." My voice was halfway back to being composed.

"I didn't want to tell him."

"But you did. You did tell your boyfriend all about it." She clenched her jaws and breathed out.

"Maybe, you should've considered not leaving the comforter and pillows on the couch. The situation wouldn't have arrived. And so what if I told Dean about the contract? The non-disclosure agreement was between both of us. Then why does Jayce know about it, huh?" She was seething but my mind was occupied with something else.

"So you accept that Dean is your boyfriend?" Thrusting my hands in my pockets I glared at her.

"When did I say that? Seriously? Out of everything I said, you heard one thing which I didn't even utter?" She looked at me incredulously.

"Is he your boyfriend?" I repeated my question, my gaze fixated on her. It felt like something actually depended on her answer.

"Does it matter to you?" She put her hands on her waist, my eyes wandering off to her petite waist at once before I forced them up to her face.

"It doesn't." I gritted out.

"Well then, I don't think we have anything else to talk about." Something hot slashed at my chest. The next few moments were blurry. She turned to leave, I spun her around by her waist and crashed my lips against hers. She too was equally shocked as a gasp escaped her mouth.


Rylan's kissing me!

My mind screamed at me but that's the only thing it did. It didn't go on to advise what I should have probably done at that moment.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and responded to his kiss. I should have pushed him away, shouted at him, anything but I had long lost that strength. The moment his lips touched this overpowering sensation made me go weak in the knees. The soft feeling of his lips and the warmth of his body was enough to make my senses go haywire.

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