Chapter: 36

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As I kept playing with Elena's hair , she slept peacefully with her lips parted.
I wanted to trust her with everything I had, to be with her and maybe someday be able to say those words back to her. I don't know if I am going to be left with a broken heart once again but still I want to take this risk. It was impossible to look at her and not think of how much I had fallen for this woman. She made me feel emotions I didn’t think I was capable of.
I was so focused on my thoughts that I didn't realize when she woke up. I looked into her blue eyes which were staring back. A soft smile was playing on her face which automatically had my lips curving up.
"Good morning." She said, stretching her hands and yawning.
"Good morning." I smiled. She pushed herself up on her elbow and stared at my face.
"I just realized that you look better when you're clean shaved." I smiled and turned us over with me hovering over her. A surprised giggled escaped her lips.
"Do I?" A lazy smirk made its way to my face.
"Yeah, your sharp jawline becomes more prominent." She dragged a light finger along my jawline. I was tempted so badly to kiss her but morning breath was still a thing.
"Then I'm always keeping it like that."
"Hmm." She brushed her thumb against my cheek and stared at me. I took her hand in mine and pressed my lips on them.
"Now what are our plans for today?" I went back to lie beside her.
"Uhh about that...actually I will be going to the office ." I said, causing her forehead to crease.
"Why? Why do you need to work on weekends?" She looked cute with the small frown on her lips.
"It's urgent. " I made a sorry face to which she huffed. I wouldn't be leaving if it wasn't actually so damn urgent. Fuck! I really didn't want to.
"Okay then I will go and get some groceries. I have something in mind and I need some ingredients." Her eyes again brightened up in delight making her look like a kid.
     "Well then. Take Chris with you." And her smile again faded.
     "Rylan, I don't always need a bodyguard trailing behind me." I got out of bed, not listening to her protests.
     "No arguments, Love." I said and seconds later heard her mimicking it after me.


"I will hold that." Chris said, referring to the bags in my hand.
"You don't need to." I still wasn't used to having someone else do my work nor having a bulky man trail behind me.
"No ma'am, I insist." He subtly snatched the bags away from my hand.
"How many times should I tell you to call me Elena?" I asked as he got the bags in.
"Sorry ma'am." He smiled sheepishly realizing that he again said it. I chuckled and shook my head.
"Starbucks, please." I requested once we got into the car. I couldn't go on for days without going to Starbucks.
"Sure." He drove us to the nearest Starbucks.
"You can sit down." I asked him once I noticed that he didn't.
"No ma'am, I will stand here."  I rolled my eyes .
"No, just sit. Everyone's going to stare if you stand like that." He looked around before stiffly nodding and sitting.
I got a chocolate cappuccino and he got a black coffee. He didn't speak which was what I had expected but I was okay with it. Sometimes it feels good to sit down and be quiet but we never get what we want but never had I expected to have my peaceful time interrupted by the least expected person.
"Elena?" I was nearly about to choke on my coffee. Did I really hear him or was I hearing things? I reluctantly turned my head to the side and came to see his face.
"Mason." What the hell? Why was he here?
"This is a pleasant surprise!" He smiled like he was actually happy to see me there.
"I wish I could return the sentiment." I didn't even bother plastering a mock smile.
"Can we talk?"
"No." I gritted through my teeth. He sighed before taking a seat in front of me.
"I think I told you that I am not interested." I was irritated by his mere presence. I felt Chris tense up.
"Ma'am?" Chris looked at my face for instruction. I don't know for what…. maybe to beat him up to a pulp? I shook my head not wanting to create any unnecessary scene at a public place . He sat back down but his form was rigid and alert.
"Can we talk a bit privately?" I let out a humorless chuckle at Mason's audacity.
"Listen, you're lucky that I'm still sitting here."
"So you want me to speak of our personal matters in front of him?" I looked at him like he had grown two heads. Personal matters!? He has to be stupid to think that we had anything private between us. He huffed once he understood that I wasn't going to speak 'privately' to him by my looks.
"Elena, I am sorry." He even had the audacity to put his hand on top of mine. I jerked my hand away in an instant.
"Sorry ? For what are you exactly sorry?" My voice came out harsher than ever.
"For everything. I made a mistake and I fucking regret it." I scoffed at his words.
"That doesn't change anything. You and your regret can go on a date and I wouldn't care enough to give a shit." I stood up to leave.
He too got up but before he could grab my hand. "Elena, we were talking." Chris stepped in between and blocked his movement.
"I am done here. Chris, let's go." I said looking at Mason.
"Yes ma'am." He led me out and into the car. On the ride back home, everything just kept playing in my mind on loop. Just when things got sorted between us.
"Chris." I called his name once I got out of the car.
"Yes?" He came up with the bags in his hand.
"Whatever happened at the Starbucks, don't speak of it to Rylan, please. " I seriously looked at him.
"But, ma'am I have to." He said in an instant. Obviously it was his duty but I didn't want Rylan to learn it. I would tell him of my past but not now at least, just when things got better between us.
"Please don't. He doesn't need another stress to add to his list. Besides, it's not that big an issue. I promise you won't lose your job." He looked conflicted for a moment before hesitantly nodding.
"Okay ma'am." He agreed. "Elena." He furrowed his eyebrows before quickly nodding.

"You can't say no, please Elena, you have to come." I looked at my friends who were staring straight at me. They had suddenly made a plan of going to the club which I wasn't very sure of.
"Uhh- I really don't know, I haven't been to once in so long." Actually I wanted to go home and spend some time with Ava.
"That's such a poor excuse!" Ben stated, with a bored expression.
"I agree." seconded.
"Come on, you don't even want to go clubbing with your friends?" Hannah pouted her lips and gave me the puppy eyes.
"I never said that." I dragged out the sentence while everyone crossed their arms against their chest causing me to huff.
"Fine, I am in." Hannah's lips stretched into a grin.
"Then it's settled. " She clasped her hands in excitement.

Excuses, excuses and excuses. What's one more, right? So here's another.

I had been swamped with all the college projects and assignments. You know how those deadlines get. I have my internals coming up. So, I'll be trying to update a few chapters before that.

And I should really tell you how happy it makes me that you guys are loving this story so much. Keep showering all the love and wait for the exciting chapters ahead. ❤️


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