Chapter: 24

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"I missed you guys." I hugged both of them before letting them in. It was a Sunday. Dean and Liv had decided to pay me a surprise visit and I wasn't complaining. I had hardly had time with them in the past two months. With Rylan being out for some work at the office I finally got that time.

"Yeah, therefore you don't even call every day." Liv said with a mock smile.

I gave her the best puppy eyes I could manage. "I am sorry?"

"I can forgive you. But that's on one condition." I cautiously stared at her face.

"We are going out to see a movie next week." She declared it and who was I to turn down a movie night!

"Done." I said, leading them upstairs. "Come on in."

"This place is beautiful." Liv definitely looked impressed.

"I know."

"This is your bedroom?" Dean asked.


He turned around to look at me. "Then who sleeps on the couch?"

Took me one whole second before the words even registered. My eyes immediately darted to the couch. Fuck! The bed wasn't made yet, the pillow was there and so was the comforter.

"No one." It came out as a reflex and sounded plain stupid. Of course someone did, the pillow says hello. Think Elena! Think fast! "Uhh last night we had a uhm we had a fight. So he slept on the couch."

His eyes narrowed at the slightest. Liv didn't look too convinced either.

"You're lying." Dean stated with a straight face.

"What? Why will I lie?" My confidence faltered with each word that left my mouth.

"There are more than one bedroom here. He could just find one for a night. Unless it's just not one night we are talking about." I swallowed knowing I was fighting a lost battle. He sighed. "What's the matter Elena?"

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I don't understand." I mentally cursed myself for the nervous chuckle that I was pairing my stupid rambling with. Dean folded his arms against his chest and tilted his head to the side.

There was no getting out of this!

"Did the coffee get cold? Should I make another one?" I tapped my fingers impatiently on the mug in my hand. I was trying to delay the time as much as possible because I didn't know how to break the news to them.


"Yeah?" I nervously smiled.

"Speak." Liv said with no trace of humor. I was debating with myself on what to say but why? Rylan has told his best friend about this contract. Then why can't my friends know about it? Besides, I was too tired of keeping these all to me. The burden was suffocating me.

"Okay uhm.. I and Rylan aren't really a couple." I rubbed my palms on my pants in nervousness.

"What does this mean?" Both of them looked at me with confusion. "We signed a marriage contract." I blurted out.

"A prenuptial agreement?" Liv asked.

"No... it's like ummm we will remain married for a year. After that we will mutually divorce and go our separate ways." I said while looking at anything in the room other than their faces.

"Is this a joke?" Dean sounded furious..

"No , it isn't. I-" I was cut off.

"Why will you sign such a contract, El?" I flinched at his yelling and looked up.

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