Chapter: 50

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I felt the weight of his words, pressing down on my already aching heart. Twenty minutes was what it took for everything to go down. The look on Rylan's face, the disbelief, the doubt in his eyes felt like a kick to my guts.

Even if it wasn't what the situation was made to look like, I had still kept things from him. I thought it was for the good but it wasn't. I realized it too late. I hurt him, I caused him this immense heartbreak.

The burden of the realization weighed me down to the point that I just slumped down on the bed. I looked back at the photos laying there but before I could feel the fresh rush of hatred or anger for Mason, my eyes fell on a letter beside it.


I hope you see these for what it is. Your little wife isn't so faithful after all it seems!


My jaws clenched as I tried to breathe in through my nose. I wanted to slip into the driver's seat and run over his lying ass at the first chance I would get but what I needed at the moment was to talk to Rylan.

I pulled my phone out and called him. I couldn't help but feel the hurt when he kept on rejecting my calls. I breathed in and tried to think. Calling Jayce seemed to be the only option. Maybe he would know where to find him.

"Hey!" He picked up almost immediately.

"Jayce." I grimaced at how shaky my voice came out.

"Elena. Is everything okay?" I guessed he would catch on to the fact that something wasn't right.

"Do you know where Rylan is?"

"No, I— What happened?" He asked, concerned.

"We had a misunderstanding. Rylan was upset with me and he just left! Now he isn't even taking my calls and I don't know where to find him but I need to talk to him." I said that in a go, nervousness wrecked me completely.

"Okay, okay. Calm down. Let me see. I'll call you back." I frantically nodded as if he could actually see me. Hanging up, I couldn't stop pacing around the room. My brain had conjured up the worst kind of scenarios about how the night was gonna end in those few minutes that Jayce took to call back.

"He is at his hotel. I got his location. Do you want me to take you there?" I let out the apprehensive breath that I was holding. I wasn't entirely sure that Rylan would pick his call up, much less share his whereabouts, when he was mad.

"No. Just text me the address. Wait! uhm..." I contemplated whether I was asking for too many favors.

"What is it?" He asked firmly and the tone almost resembled Rylan's when he would demand an answer.

"Can you get here? I am not entirely sure about her being all alone with Liliana." Stacey had left for a day. Though it was true that I was a little hesitant about leaving Ava with only Liliana, I didn't want to hurt her. So I kept my voice down.

"I'll be there in ten." That's everything I needed to hear before I grabbed the jacket and headed out of my room.

"Thank you."

"Of course."

I told Chris to be in the car but he was on my trail. As soon as I set a foot inside that posh hotel lobby, I straightened my posture and pushed my hair back.

"How can I help you?" The receptionist spared me a small professional smile.

"Room 235. Rylan Parker. I'm his wife." I was communicating in broken sentences because by now I was a bundle of nerves, unsure of how everything was gonna go.

"Let me just check." I looked back at Chris in the meantime who stood there with a stoic expression.

"This way, Mrs. Parker." One of their staff led us to the elevator. The ride to the eleventh floor was a tedious one. My fingers wouldn't stop fiddling with each other while I kept thinking of different things to start the conversation with.

After what seemed like a long time, I was finally there, outside his room. Bringing up my tense fist, I knocked on the door. It took a few seconds for the door to open and I was met with the familiar pair of brown eyes looking at me. Though his poker face gave nothing away, his eyes showed that he wasn't expecting me here. His eyes flicked back from Chris's face to mine.

"How—" He swallowed the rest of his question, probably having figured out that Jayce had helped me out with his location.

"Where is Ava?"

"With Jayce at home." I was still standing outside as he kept his scrutinizing stare on me and I didn't have it in me to push my way in. I was grateful that he still hadn't shut the door on my face.

"Why are you here?" He asked in a cold, almost chilling voice that had all my previously gathered courage dwindle.

"I—I just want to talk to you." His jaws clenched ever so subtly but he remained unmoving.

"Please!" He shut his eyes for a second before moving aside. I saw him slightly nod at Chris as I cautiously walked in. The door was shut behind me, causing me to let out an unsteady breath.

Rylan's movements were rigid as he walked across the room, headed towards the bar counter. As he poured himself a drink, I let my eyes sweep over the luxurious suite. He turned around with a glass in his hand and leaned against the counter. I felt my nervousness touching its peak. His unfaltering intense gaze didn't help the situation much.

"I'm sorry that you had to find out about Mason that way. I should have told you earlier." I saw a tic in his jaw but his lips remained pressed in a thin line. I sighed before I decided that I had to get on with it.


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