Chapter: 51

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"Mason and I had dated for five years before he proposed. Two weeks before our wedding, he cheated on me." Rylan's guarded stare was still fixed on my face. He refused to show what he felt. I wetted my lips before I resumed with my narrative.

"I came back from work early. He was there with a girl in our apartment. I learnt that he had been going behind my back for some time then." Talking about that didn't feel half as painful as I had dreaded it to be, as it had been before.

"You dumped him." Rylan stated in a measured tone. I nodded in response before glancing up at his face. He put the glass down.

"And he isn't over you."

"Rylan, I know that I shouldn't have kept things from you and I'm sorry for that but I didn't cheat on you." No matter how emotionally spent I felt, I kept my voice strong. I wanted to sound confident, I wanted him to believe me.

"Why didn't you tell me that he forced you?" He took a menacing step forward. His voice held a note of anger, disappointment too.

"I knew something was up with you that day. I repeatedly asked you but you made up an excuse. Why was it so hard to tell me?" Up this close, I could practically feel the anger radiate from him. His jaws were tightly clenched as he glared down at me.

"I'm sorry." I almost whispered.

"I want to know why."

"It's stupid." I looked away and focussed on the glass door, leading to the balcony. It was silent for a few seconds.

"Is it about what you said earlier, that Liliana Ava and I, a family and all?" My silence sent him off.

"God! Are you serious?" I flinched at his tone.

"No it's not only that. My thoughts were all over the place and then coming home to that I felt—" I cut myself off abruptly too unsure of what to say.

"You felt what?" Rylan pressed.

"I just sometimes think that I'm the only thing separating Ava from having her family back. Liliana, she is good to her. Though it just hurts but she is obviously gonna be a good mother to her. And you, you loved her. And she was your best friend and obviously you have known her since—" Rylan pulled me in by grabbing the nape of my neck before his mouth slammed down on mine in a harsh kiss. My breath hitched as I still was shocked by the turn of events. It took a few seconds for me to kiss him back. I could have never resisted the feel of his soft lips against mine. He smelled of whiskey as he invaded my mouth and I was getting lost in it.

"Does this make things clear? I love you." He said once he pulled back and I was left dumb at his confession. Among the turns of events, Rylan's blatant declaration of love wasn't what I was expecting tonight. He held the back of my head with one hand and the other cupped my face.

"I love you and no one else. You get that?" I felt a shiver down my spine. He loved me. He said that with so much tenderness yet with a strong determination. I couldn't help myself from tearing up. I nodded, not quite trusting my voice.

"Liliana might have been my best friend, she might be my daughter's biological mother but you're the woman I love. You're Ava's family. You're my family." He brushed the hair from my face and looked deep into my eyes. All my previous fears that things would have gone downhill between us was replaced by the surging joy at the affection, and love I could see in his eyes.

"Tell me you understand." I understood how important it was for him that I handed out a verbal confirmation.

"I understand." I mumbled. "And I love you. Only you." I kept my eyes on him, wanting him to see how much I meant those words. No other man could make me feel all those things like he could and I was scared of how much control I had given him over my emotions. Finally every other emotion was discarded off his face, a beautiful smile replacing them.

"I love you." He said it for the third time but I felt my heart flutter all the same. He kissed me again, nothing gentle about it. His lips were rough, demanding everything I had to offer. I gasped when he squeezed my ass and he took the opportunity to thrust his tongue in. I tried matching his fervor but he was the one dominating the kiss.

I felt his hands gliding down, feeling every inch until it was on my hips. As guided, I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist. He lowered us both on the bed without breaking the kiss. He was trying to consume me as he tasted every corner of my mouth. I was slowly starting to feel at a loss of breath but the need to feel him against my skin was too strong to break the kiss. I could guess that he felt the same because his lips never really pulled away.

I panted as he kissed down my throat stopping at the base of my neck. He pulled down the straps of my top and bit the skin there causing me to jerk lightly before his tongue soothed the pain. I was enjoying this too much and I wanted more of it.

I slightly pushed at his chest. He stopped and glanced up at me as I pulled the top over my head and chucked it somewhere. Rylan's gaze landed on my breast and some of my confidence did falter but the desire in his eyes was unmistakable. His shirt joined mine on the floor before he leaned forward and kissed the swell of my breast. His hands in one swift motion unhooked my bra leaving my upper body completely bare for his eyes.

"You're fucking perfect!" He muttered under his breath before his head dipped. My hands found their way into his hair and I arched my back as I kept getting lost in the sensations. His smooth sculpted chest under my palms felt incredible. My breath hitched once his warm breath hit my southern part. I shivered in anticipation, all the while keeping my eyes on him. The look he had in his eyes, the raw hunger was way too intense. He pulled the underwear down, ripping it in the process and my lips parted in disbelief.

"Really? You had to rip it off?" This broke his fixed stare on my thingy which was kind of flustering me. The side of his lips tipped up in a sinister smirk.

"I'm not a patient man, sweetheart." I shakily inhaled, losing track of every thought at the wild look in Rylan's eyes. He never glanced away as he went down on me. I jolted at the feeling. It was nothing like what I had experienced before. I felt like I could lose my mind at the prolonged torture he was subjecting me to.

He continued until I was a writhing mess. A little stimulation to my breast and the waves of pleasure wracked through me, crashing violently.

Rylan came up and kissed the spot behind my ear as I lay panting, overwhelmed by the powerful orgasm. When I looked up, he was intently staring at me. I could feel him hard against my stomach. I hooked my fingers in his boxers but before I could pull them down, his fingers closed around my wrist.

"You don't have to. We can wait." My heart swelled at the thought and it made me want him even more. I held the back of his neck and pulled his mouth down on mine.

"I want you." I whispered, gliding my fingers along his jaw. Rylan's eyes darkened with desire and whatever control he had seemed to have snapped altogether.

I freed his cock from the restraint of his pants and pressed my lips at the head of it.

"Fuck!" He cursed out. Screw me if the look he was giving me wasn't driving me crazy! That encouraged me to put him inside my mouth. He slid inch by inch till my mouth was impossibly full. I relaxed my jaw before sucking. Rylan grunted before he gripped before his hands came up and gathered my hair. My gag reflexes kicked in but I kept going till he pulled me up. The very next second he was above me, stark naked. Before I could soak in the view, he slammed into me all the way in. 

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