Chapter: 30

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"You guys kissed?" I nodded to Liv's question.

"And he called it a mistake?" She again asked, her posture giving out an expression of shock.
"And he told you to keep your distance?" This time instead of nodding I rolled my eyes at her.
"Will you stop repeating everything I just said?"  I asked, a bit annoyed.
"I can't literally comprehend what kind of a man he is! I literally want to smash this glass on his head." She raised the half filled glass of juice in her hand a little. I leaned back on the head rest and stared off into space. My mind was really jumbled up with everything happening.
“And why am I learning it now? It’s been what, four months since this happened?”
“I didn’t wanna talk about it.”
“Do you have feelings for him?” Her voice broke my trance. She was looking intently at my face waiting for me to answer. I sighed and went back to looking at the wall.
"I can't understand what I feel for him. I know I am attracted to him.  I feel upset to think of everything he said, like I don't want this to happen." I felt that I couldn't have sounded more hopeless.
"Did you tell him?" I immediately shook my head.
"Of course not. He had never liked me and he just made it clear with this whole maintaining-distance thing. I just don't want to make fun of me by telling him about my feelings when he is clear with what he wants. It has always been that for him, business." I was stupid to hope for something that wasn't supposed to happen and I knew it all along but still...
"I feel so sorry." I let out a humorless chuckle.
"For me ? Because my feelings develop for the wrong people?" She shook her head.
"For Rylan, because he is going to miss out on my hot ass bestfriend." This time a real laughter left my mouth.
"You know Dean would have wanted to know this." She dragged the tip of her index finger on the brim of the glass.
"He doesn’t need to know." I sweetly smiled at her.
“You sure about that?” She raised a brow at me.
"Yes. Last time he had been to Rylan’s office to warn him. I don’t wanna guess what he will do this time." I could go without unnecessary confrontations and the consequences of it. 

I was sitting in front of the television, watching a random romcom when I heard the doorbell ring. After a minute , Jayce came in.
"Hey Elena!" He sat down beside me and put a hand around my shoulder.
"I missed you." I side-hugged him.
"I came to tell you something." His smile couldn't hide the bit of nervousness on his face.
"Let me guess. You're dating Liv?"
He gave an awkward smile. “Liv told you.”
“Of course she did. News flash! We are best friends!” He rolled his eyes at me, still smiling.
"But don’t you think I didn't notice you two making googly eyes at each other at my wedding and back at the dinner at Parker's last week." He let out an amused chuckle.
“And here I thought I was being discreet.”
“Fuck no! And Liv doesn’t have it in her to be discreet.” She never had. Liv was the kind who would turn around and look at a person right after you warn her not to.
“She didn’t tell me till two weeks back and I’m kind of disappointed.”
"A possible rift between best friends?" I rolled at his dramatic expression.
“You’d be really happy if that happens, won’t you?”
“Don’t doubt it. The amount of time she spends talking to you and then texting you, you can’t blame me.” His shoulders lifted in a shrug
"She may not be the best best friend in the world but I'm excited either way." I sat up straighter.
"I can't wait till the day you two get married and I will become the godmother of your kids." I clasped my hands together out of excitement.
"Woah! Slow down woman." He said with a chuckle.
"I’m kidding." I laughed, leaning  back against the sofa with a grin on my face.
"You and Rylan are polar opposites." My smile faltered at his words and he was quick to notice the change.
"Are you okay?" His casual smile had quickly changed into one of concern.
"Yeah." I forced a smile .
"How are things between you and Rylan?"
"Peachy." I said in a playful tone while he kept staring at me.
"What ? Just the usual. We are … co-existing. A little more than a year and we get a divorce. Go our separate ways." It’s been nine months to our marriage and six months since we had been avoiding each other. Six months of existing under one roof as strangers. Still everytime I repeated those words, it seemed more difficult than the last time.
"Are you serious? You guys are still considering divorce?" He looked incredulously at me. I just shrugged.
"You honestly want to separate from him?" Why did he have to ask this!
“Yes. That was the deal.” I shrugged trying not to look bothered by the road our conversation has taken direction in.
Jayce covered the palm of my hand with his. “I didn’t ask what the deal was about. I asked about what you want.”
"It's not only about what I want. It's about what he wants." I played with my fingers, refusing to meet his gaze.
"Did he tell you that he doesn't want to stay in this marriage?" I ran my hand through my hair.
"Can we not talk about this? Ask your friend whatever you want to know." He stared at me before nodding.
"Come, give me a hug." I scooted closer and wrapped my hands around him. I was happy that I got such a good friend through my marriage to Rylan. I knew I wasn't going to cut him off from my life even after the divorce unless he wanted to. He stayed for another hour before leaving.

 He stayed for another hour before leaving

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