Chapter: 38

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"You are cute!" I heard her say that to that man. She missed her balance and was about to fall but that guy caught her hand and helped her sit back. I felt it, the raw anger shooting up. Even in that fog of fury, one thought was quite prominent, the urge to snap that guy's neck.
"Elena." I called and she looked at me before she flashed a wide smile.
"Rylaaann!" She stumbled her way to me. Wrapping my hand around her waist, I supported her to stand. She put her head on my chest and looked up at me with a dreamy smile and fuck my anger! That sight had me melting immediately. She looked gorgeous even when she was drunk.
"How did she get so drunk?" I looked at Lucas.
"She might have done too many shots." I sighed looking down at her face.
"Elena!" Two more girls and another guy came up, all looking familiar. I had seen all of them with Elena in the office one time or the other.
"Guess who's here! My husband, Rylan Parker!" Elena spoke in an announcing voice. I was a bit embarrassed by the stares of the people there.
"Your husband is really hot, babe!" The other guy coughed as soon as the red head spoke. I bet she worked in my office and she surely wasn't in her senses!
"Don't look." Elena narrowed her eyes at her and spoke in a threatening manner. I would have been amused if I hadn't had to get her drunk ass back home.
"Come let's go." She didn't even budge. Instead she crossed her arms  against her chest and stood there.
"Noo.. I am having so much fun!" She pouted . I nodded.
"Let's go home, it's late." I held her hands but she snatched them away.
"No." She looked away.
"El-" I was cut off by her. She circled her hands around my neck and looked up at me with a smile. I held her waist and stared at her .
"I will go but I have a condition." Her bright eyes were shining.
"What is that?" I was skeptical of what condition she was going to put forward.
"You'll have to dance with me ." My eyes flicked to the second guy who chuckled but immediately sobered on seeing my gaze. Elena stared at me with an expression like she had just given the most amazing idea. I chuckled to myself before nodding.
"Yes , I'll. That sounds pretty exciting." She clapped her hands, satisfied with my answer.
"Can we go now?" She nodded at once.
"Okay!" She held my arm which went around her shoulder and I started walking her out before she did something really embarrassing. She slapped the butt of a woman in the way.
"That's a pretty ass." She looked back alarmed at Elena. I pulled her back and glared at her .
"I am sorry. I apologize on her behalf."  They laughed and nodded. I was glad that they didn't think I did it. I dragged Elena out and into the car.
"Rylaan?" She called in a tone which said that she had nothing to say.
"Yes?" I asked, keeping my eyes trained on the road.
"Rylaan!" She dragged. I hummed in response. I was just glad that she wasn't physically disturbing me while I was driving.
"Rylaan!" She shouted trying to get some attention.
"Elena!" I called in a slightly warning tone to which she sheepishly giggled. She bent down and struggled with her heels.
"What are you doing?" She brought her legs up after unstrapping the heels.
"My feet hurt." I looked at her feet which were slightly red at places. She was singing to herself when suddenly she sat up straighter.
"Did I tell you?" She looked at me with wide eyes that were gleaming with excitement.
"What?" I wondered what got her so excited.
"I saw this one guy there who winked at me and gave me his number." My mood just soured in a second. This was exciting news!?
"Who?" I gritted through my teeth. I wanted to find that guy out and beat the shit out of him. Stupid? I know.
"How will I know that?" She asked like I was dumb to ask that.
"You have the number."
"I lost it. But he looked good." She shrugged casually causing me to press my lips together.
"I mean he was really really hot." I wanted to punch something so hard. Jealousy coursed through me like hot lava.
"But do you know who is hotter than him?" I took a sharp intake of breath and gripped the steering wheel even tighter.
"Hotter ?" I gritted the question out. She was messing with me or she was testing my limits. I was very close to the end of it.
"Huh huh" She nodded big .
"Who?" I swear if she would say that guy's name, Lucas or whatever, the first thing I would do the next morning was fire him.
"You." I was relieved at the same time, dumbfounded by her answer. Recovering from my shock, I looked at her, letting my mouth tug up in a gentle smirk.
"Is it so?" She looked at me blankly.
"Why? You doubt that?" She tilted her head and blinked a few times. I didn't expect such an answer. Drunk Elena was really sassy.
"You're hotter than any other man I have met till now." She leaned back in her seat. Her words gave me a strange boost of confidence and happiness. I liked it that to her I was the hottest man in her life and that’s how It needed to be always.
I was looking ahead at the road when all of a sudden I heard her sniffling.
"What happened?" She shook her head while tears streamed down her face.
"Elena, why are you crying? Does anything hurt? What happened?" I slowed down before pulling to the side. My eyes raked her body to find any discomfort.
"Because of you." I furrowed my eyebrows.
"Why ? I didn't do anything." I couldn't remember doing anything wrong. She was fine just a minute back.
"You did. I don't want to talk to you." I was baffled by her sudden accusations. What in the world did I even do!?
"Fine, at least tell me what I did wrong." I pleaded with her. It was really bemusing me how moments ago she was saying how hot I am and now she was crying her eyes out.
"You don't like me." She let out the words amidst her cries.
"Of course I like you." I took some time to respond, already confused by the situation.
"No, you don't." I was perplexed by her words and actions. It was the first time that I had to deal with her in such a state.
"What made you think that?" I calmly asked.
"You didn't compliment me. Everyone did. You didn't say that I am looking hot." She sniffled between her words. As I comprehended what she said, I couldn't help the grin that stretched across my lips.
"Is this the reason? You want me to tell you how beautiful you’re?" I asked. She looked up with her beautiful gray eyes that were now blurred by tears.
"Yes." She pouted at the end .
"If I have to be honest then I must say that you took my breath away tonight. Once my eyes landed on you I never looked at anyone else." I spoke every word with utmost sincerity.
"Really?" She asked, looking like a small innocent kid.
"Really." I reassured her. She wiped away her tears and flashed me a wide grin.
"Okay."  She leaned back with a happy satisfied smile on her face causing me to chuckle and shake my head.

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