Chapter: 31

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I had been doing everything in my power to avoid facing Elena alone. The alternative was too fucking difficult. What were the chances that the one night I came down to the kitchen she would be there?
We both stared awkwardly at each other’s faces. Someone had to break that.
"Late night ice cream." I stated. She gave a small shrug before shoving another scoop in her mouth.
"Ava told me you weren’t home."  I went and stood beside her, leaning slightly back on the counter on top of which she was sitting.
"I went to Dad’s place." I tried to not be bothered by the way she scooted further to the right.
"How is your Dad?" I looked on as she wiped the corner of her mouth with her thumb.
"Good. He is a lot better than he was a few months back." The small smile tugging at her lips was one of relief. I nodded and there was an awful long silence before I broke it.
"So..uhh what happens after we divorce?" This fishing for small talks was something quite new to me.
"I will go back to my Dad's place." She said it like a question and I again nodded. There was nothing left for us to talk about but that's what I couldn't accept.
"I have told them that we are on a rough patch, like quarrels and misunderstandings." I furrowed my eyebrows at her.
"Quarrels?" She sighed as if I was stupid.
"I need to make it look like we are having problems. I can't just one day drop the news of my divorce on their head." I hadn't thought about it but in my case this wouldn't help. Dad would at once know what had probably happened.
"Yeah, right." I sighed.
"So, the purpose of this contract is served?" She broke the silence this time. However, her question wasn't clear to me. I raised a brow at her.
"I mean whatever you were supposed to get according to your grandfather's will."
“Yeah, that's done." I said looking into the distance.
"Great." Suddenly, there was this certain coldness in her voice.
"Rylan, I need to tell you something." She put the tub down and looked at me.
"Yes?" I turned more towards her. She hopped down the counter.
"You promised to get me a job at some firm after we…this thing’s over between us.” I responded with an ‘yes’, prompting her to go on. 
“I don't want you to get me a job anywhere." I stared at her for a few seconds. She didn't want to leave the job at Parker Enterprises? I didn’t know I wanted that to happen until then,
"Do you want to continue working here ?" She instantly shook her head.
"Obviously not. I can't possibly work there after we divorce." Each time the word divorce felt like a bitter pill that I was being made to swallow.
"I want to get a job myself. I don't want any opportunity served to me on a silver plate." She went back to supporting herself against the counter top.
"But I had made you leave your job. It's only fair that I get you another job." I reasoned.
"No. What's done is done." Why did she always have to be so stubborn!?
"So you don't want my help?" I wasn't ready to accept that she was going to completely cut me off her life. At that point I wasn't anymore sure what I wanted.
"Yes. I don't want you to get involved in anything about me after we separate. I will try and find myself a job." There was a strong determination in her voice, like nothing would change her decision.
"You don't want me involved. Does that mean you're not going to come and meet Ava ?" I asked, surprising even myself.
"I don't know. It's hard to imagine my life without her in it. It's like she has become a part of it." She smiled to herself like she was reminded of her moments with Ava.
"But if I keep coming here, it won't be good." I furrowed my eyebrows at that. "She won't accept any other woman in my place when in future you decide to….marry." Call me delusional but I felt like she let the last word out with a lot of difficulty, like she didn’t want to think about it.
"I won't." The response came out faster than I had expected. I didn't know why I said that but that seemed more true than anything else.
"What?" She whispered.
"I won't marry again." My determination was sure evident in my voice. I saw her gulp before she nodded more to herself once she recovered from her shock.
"Are you going to marry?" This question seemed to catch Elena off guard. She opened and closed her mouth a few times but no words came out.
"I- I don't know." The words stumbled out of her mouth but I was in a daze for them to register in my mind. I felt like I was getting lost in the blue of her eyes.
Elena was the one to break eye contact when she blinked a few times and looked away. I cleared my throat, not at all helping the sudden thickness in the atmosphere.
"It's too late. I will go and sleep." She rushed out without waiting for me to answer.

The moment I stepped out of the elevator everyone sat up straight in their seats. There was a deadly silence looming all over the floor as I strode through. My employees were trying their best to not fall under my radar. I had been lashing out at anyone and everyone every now and then. I refused to acknowledge that the reason behind this was a little infuriating blonde and my messed up feelings for her.
I was almost at the door of my cabin when my eyes fell on the said blonde and the already there irritation bloomed into white hot fury.

Elena stood in front of the coffee machine and with her was my fucking assistant. He had some nerve standing this close to my wife. Steven, was it? That fucker was so busy flirting with her that he failed to notice my arrival. A small smile played on Elena’s lips at something he said.
That was it. The last string of control snapped.
“Mr. Jones.” My voice boomed across the floor drawing all attention towards us. The poor excuse of an assistant looked startled before straightening his spine.
“Good morning, Mr. Parker.” 
“You’re fired. Get your things and leave.”
He blinked. Twice. His brain still wasn’t handling the news. He would probably need a few business days to process his current predicament. I didn’t have that much time to spare.
“Elena, I need a personal assistant by the end of this week. See to it.” I turned around and walked into my cabin. As expected the door opened after me.
“Why would you do that?” She sounded offended on his behalf. She wasn’t helping his case at all. I unbuttoned my blazer and rounded my table to get to my seat.
Elena wasn’t going to rest. She stepped forward till the desk was the only thing separating us. “Rylan, you fired him just like that? It’s his job that probably pays his bills.”
“Then he should have done his job properly instead of flirting with you.” Even as I said it, I knew my voice had taken a harsher note. Nothing compared to what I had withheld.
Elena narrowed her eyes. “Is that the reason you’re firing him? Because you’re jealous?”
“No.” Yes. “The point here is that he is inefficient as fuck.” Among other points.
“I didn’t realize that I answer to you now.” She shut her eyes and breathed out before walking out. That left me even more annoyed. Why was she pressed over me firing that motherfucker? If anything that convinced me even more that I made the right decision.

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