Chapter: 20

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"Where are we going first?" Elena plopped down on the bed, scrolling through her phone. She had been glaringly quiet since morning. She hadn't uttered a single word. So I figured she wasn't going to any time soon.

"We aren't going anywhere?" I spoke, imitating her tone.

"So are we just gonna sit here like that?" I stopped working and looked up at her. She seemed...surprised. What exactly was she expecting?

"Well that's the plan." I shrugged. She breathed out in disappointment.

"You actually didn't think that this was going to be a proper honeymoon, right?" Hardly did the words leave my mouth when she snapped.

"Of course not!'

I raised a mocking brow at her glare. "That doesn't sound defensive, at all!"

"I.. It's just that I can't spend a week staring at your face." She snarled at me.

"Too bad. You're stuck here with me for a week." I went back to typing on my laptop.

"Poor me!" I could guess her words were followed by an eye roll. After spending some useless minutes sitting on the bed and looking at the ceiling, she opened her suitcase before heading off to shower.

"Rylan?" She called from inside once the shower had stopped.

"Don't tell me you forgot your dress outside and now you need my help." My eyes were still trained on the laptop screen, the corner of my mouth tilted into a small smirk.

"After last night? No thanks!" Last night. Fuck! It was like God was testing my control, which obviously snapped. Helping Elena with the dress, that was enough punishment for my dick. Her mentioning other men was just cherry on top. The surge of white hot jealousy was nothing like I had ever experienced before. And that was fucking terrifying. A marriage contract of two years, that's all it was. I wasn't supposed to feel anything for her, let alone jealousy.

"I was asking you to order something to eat. I am freaking hungry." I chuckled to myself at the way she said it before ordering lunch for us. Just then my phone rang. I stared at the caller id in absolute irritation.

"Steven." I picked up his call.

"Mr. Parker, I had last night emailed you the details of our project with the Russo group of companies. I was calling to ask if you had a look at it." Just then I heard the bathroom door click open.

"Yeah..uhh..." I lost track of my words, my attention had shifted to something else or someone else. Elena stood in front of the mirror, drying her hair, wrapped in a bathrobe. The sweet smell of rose filling my nostrils was having an alluring effect. I liked the vanilla fragrance better, I decided.

"Is everything alright Mr. Parker?" Forcing my eyes away, I cleared my throat.

"Yes, everything is fine." I stared at the table lamp and blinked a few times trying to retrieve whatever I had to say. Instead I got reminded of something else. That day back at Elena's cabin. Steven was there asking her out. A fresh swell of distaste filled me.

"I'm currently on my honeymoon. I'll try to check it out as soon as possible but can't promise when." My voice was back to being composed.

"Of course, Mr. Parker. I'm sorry." I ended the call to see Elena looking at me through the mirror. I raised a brow in question. She scoffed, amused before deciding to not talk about it.

"Where's my food?" As if just on cue, there was a knock.

"I'll get it." She sprang towards the door like a hyper excited kid.

"Enjoy your meal."

"Thank you." With a polite nod the waiter left and closed the door behind her. Elena almost immediately dug into her food.

"Had I not seen you eating in the jet, I would believe that you had been starved for days." I spoke once and shut my laptop and as expected I received an eye roll from her.

"Keep rolling your eyes." I folded my arms across my chest and leaned on the wall.

"And then what? Maybe I will find my brain back there? Were you seriously coming up with such a cringey comeback?" Her nose scrunched up in distaste.

"No, why will I say that when you don't really have one?" She stopped chewing before shooting a murderous glare my way. I chuckled at her expression.

"Tell me something. You have an accent. Why's that?" I watched her push another fry inside her mouth while I contemplated whether I wanted to answer.

"I used to study at a boarding school in London." I said clicking open the mail Steven had mentioned.

"London. Why?" Curious little thing!

"Nope. We are not that close." Her mouth fell open and she actually looked offended.

"You know what? You're rude!"

I offered a mock smile. "Thank you for enlightening me."


I slightly turned my head around to look at the imprints, my foot had just left on the sand. I was strolling on the beach all by myself. Never had I imagined that I would be bored out of my mind while I would be in Fiji.

Still this, the sunset was better than sitting back at the hotel room and having to stare at his stupid face all day. Asshole. Didn't even know how to have fun. Or probably he had been here way too many times before but Rylan seemed more like someone who would go on business trips and not vacations purely for the sake of it.

"Hey!" That broke my thoughts that were completely revolving around that one arrogant man. How pathetic! I halted in my steps to look back at a friendly looking guy.

"I'm Andrew Davis." He stuck his hand out. He had a few inches on me, thin scruff and a cap worn backwards. He was handsome, I'll give him that.

"Elena Smith." I shook his hand.

"I assume you're not busy?"

"Doesn't seem like it." I shrugged. You can normally tell when a guy is creepy. He didn't give off that kind of vibe.

"Would you mind if I join you?" It was the resort's private beach. So I assumed he was another guest at the same property. And momentarily I was too bored and lonely to turn down some company.

"A little walk won't hurt." Andrew smiled at my response, his dimples becoming prominent. He was good-looking but he had more of a cute face and easy charms. I was more into men who had sculpted handsome faces with sharp jawlines and pointy cheekbones, someone like—Was I actually going to say Rylan's name? I needed help.

"So you are here on vacation?" I welcomed the distraction. He was looking in the distance which made me feel comfortable. I really get uneasy when someone stares at my face.

"Yeah, you can say that. What about you?" I squinted my eyes as a ray of light fell on them.

"I have come with my friends on a vacation." I nodded and it was again a peaceful silence before he again took the initiative to break it.

"So what do you like about this place?" I chuckled at his question.

"Hard to tell when I haven't yet seen any of it." We stopped walking when he suddenly blocked my way.

"Seriously?" He raised his brow in question. I nodded with a small frown.

"Can I give you my number?" I furrowed but nodded nevertheless. He wasn't asking for my number. So I decided if I wanted to call or not.

"Uhh sure." I passed him my phone.

"Let me buy you lunch tomorrow." He looked up and passed me the phone back once he had put his number in it.

"There is the Art's Village where there are some pretty decent restaurants and shops. Snorkeling is also quite an attraction here." He looked on with the excited gleam in his eyes. I couldn't accept spending a week in Fiji and not being able to go anywhere. His offer sounded tempting but before I could contemplate my decision and make a choice, someone else took charge.

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