Chapter: 40

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Rolling over, I woke up on the bed. My head hammered against my skull. I pressed a hand to it and tried remembering what had happened but unfortunately that only increased the headache. I could remember going to the club, getting a few drinks and dancing but then how I landed up on my bed was a mystery to me.
"Damn! How much did I drink ?" I closed my eyes to relieve some pain.
"Probably a little too much. Take the pills with the lemon water. It'll help you with the hangover." Rylan walked in through the door in his sweats. He flashed me a smile and even through that pounding headache, I mentally appreciated the fine specimen of a man.
"Did you bring me home?" I asked after swallowing down the medicine.
“Don't you remember anything?" He asked, sitting down beside me.
"Seems like it." I ran a hand through my messy hair.
"How can you just forget everything after what happened last night!?" He looked hurt which left me confused. Why will he be hurt?
"What happened last night?" I asked just as soon but then glanced down at myself to see my night dress on me. I joined the dots and my eyes widened.
"Did we have sex?" I skeptically asked. Tell me I was wrong but his expression said otherwise. Having sex with Rylan wasn’t the issue. Not remembering it was.
"We did." What the f- No , why don't I remember anything?
"You are lying." I carefully said hoping that he would say this was a lie.
"I am." He nonchalantly said, causing me to breathe out in relief. I so wanted to kick him off the bed for this!
"Oh! I was wondering if you actually suck at it and that was a one time thing because I don't feel anything down there." I teased. His mouth opened in shock. Yeah, take that!
"Want me to show you how much I suck at it?" He shot a challenging look my way which let me say I found it really hot but didn't want him to know. So I just playfully rolled my eyes at him.
"But you changed my clothes?"  Putting his hands on the bed he leaned back while staring at me.
"I did. Of course because you asked me to." I creased my eyebrows at his claim.
"I didn't. Why do you keep lying?" He chuckled before sitting back straight.
     "You remember nothing. I will help you. This is going to be fun." He rubbed his palm on his pants and grinned mischievously.
"I really embarrassed myself, no?" I asked and he nodded his grin intact.
"Tell me from the beginning." I said.
"As you wish. So I went to pick you up from the club where you were. You announced that your husband was there, warned your friend, a red head, to back off because she said that I am hot." I said that to Hannah? Moreover, did she just call her boss hot?
"I didn't." I denied.
"Yes you did. Then you negotiated that you would come back home if I agreed to dance with you which you later forgot. On the way back home you admitted that I am the hottest man you have met in your life." He said with a smug look on his face.
"You're making up stories." He chuckled at my accusation.
"Not at all. This is what you said." He cooly said, no trace of lying on his face.
"Is that all?" I was skeptical of the answer.
"Nope." Screw me. What's more!?
"The next moment you started crying because you assumed that I didn't like you as I didn't give you a compliment." He pressed his lips together to stop the laughter before composing himself and continuing.
"You wanted me to carry you up to our room and you refused to change your dress on your own." I shook my head vigorously.
"Just shut up." I squeaked, my face red with embarrassment.
"Hold on, we are getting to the best part of the story." He joined his palms together and rubbed them with the expression of an evil witch.
"I don't want to hear." I looked away at the wall.
"But you have to. After all the torture you put me through last night, you deserve to be embarrassed." I snapped my head towards him and frowned.
"I put you through torture?" How could I possibly have tortured this Hulk of a man with my much smaller frame?
"You felt like it was a great idea to test my self-control. You asked me to fuck you." My lips parted in pure shock .
"This is-" He cut me off.
"I'm not done." I massaged my forehead and leaned back on the headrest.
“You got pretty upset when I didn’t and then demanded that I kiss you or you wouldn’t sleep. You weren't satisfied with a kiss on the cheek. You seduced me in just your bra and panties into kissing you." My eyes snapped open and blinked a couple of times.
"I don't believe you, at all!" I exclaimed, leading him to give out a sigh.
"Everything I said is…. " I knew it. He was joking all along.
" ...true." And just like that my relief vanished in thin air.
"No it isn't. I would never do something like that." I denied though somewhere I felt that he was speaking the truth.
"Whatever lets you sleep at night." He shrugged and chuckled. He and his stupid chuckles!
"That reminds me, I got to fire someone today." His face looked so dead serious like he wasn't laughing moments ago.
"Bipolar, are you?" He rolled his eyes .
"By the way, who are you going to fire?" I asked, relaxing against the pillows.
"Lucas." And I wasn't relaxed anymore. Lucas, as in my friend Lucas!?
"What !? Why? You can't do that!" I exclaimed with wide eyes.
"As a matter of fact, I can?" He asked rhetorically.
"But why? What did he do?" I had to find out a reason because obviously I didn't want him to get fired. He was a nice guy.
"He was flirting with you yesterday and you even called him cute! You fucking called him cute." I looked at him dumbly.
"You're firing him because of this? It's not a big deal."
"You call some other man cute and it's not a big deal?" He scoffed angrily.
"Aww! Are you jealous? You want me to call you cute?" I cooed at him in a baby voice which, judging his expressions, had offended him.
"I am not cute. Hot? Yeah." He arrogantly stated.
"Well, that is what I had said earlier. I called him cute and you, hot." I reasoned with him.
"Anyway he is getting fired." He shrugged, stubbornly.
"What are you? A CEO of a reputed firm or a caveman? Is that even a reason to fire someone? You are not firing him or else you aren't going to get inside the same room as me." I threatened, causing his head to snap towards me.
"You're not serious." He chuckled .
"I am." He stared at my face before his face went rigid, close to the first time I had seen him at the diner. I grabbed his hand and held it between my palms .
"Rylan, I might have just said that he is cute when I was drunk but I have never considered him anything but a friend." He rubbed his temple and looked down. I squeezed his hands.
"Trust me?" He looked up at me and sighed before nodding with a small smile.

     "Trust me?" He looked up at me and sighed before nodding with a small smile

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