Chapter: 27

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"Here." I handed her the cup of coffee before taking a seat beside her.
"You're taking your medicines on time, right?" I asked, remembering how Dad is always the one to remind her of her medicines.
"Do I have a choice? Liv and Dean are always breathing down my neck." She huffed.
"Good." I nodded, satisfied to which she shook her head.
"How are things back at home?" Her voice was soft but sounded tired. The dark patches around her eyes were proof of it. All this was taking a toll on her health.
"Just the usual." Lie. Usual back at Rylan's house was we being civil to each other at one moment and fighting at other. However, since the last few days, Rylan had been nothing but understanding. He didn't throw some arrogant remarks here and there and he actually was caring. There had been instances where I had been impatient or unnecessarily rude but he hadn't retorted.
"How's Ava?" Mom's voice broke my chain of thoughts. Thinking of Ava, my mind went back to this morning when she had put effort into making me happy. A smile fell upon my lips at the thought.
"This morning she made me chocolate milk to lift my mood up." Mom too smiled at that.
"It's been a week that you're spending most of the day here in hospital. I'm sure she misses you." A sigh escaped my lips at the thought.
"Maybe she misses me but she is a very understanding kid. She knows Dad is not well and I need to be here." I made up my mind that after Dad  would get well, I would give her a lot of quality time and make up for this.
"Mrs. Smith?" We both looked at the nurse who just asked for Mom.
"Yes? It’s me." Mom said rushing up to her.
"The patient is out of coma." It took my mind a second to grasp the news.
"Dad-he is conscious?" I asked hoping I hadn't got it wrong.
"Yes. He will be in the ICU." I sighed in relief, smiling like an idiot.
"Can we meet him?" Mom sounded impatient.
"Please wait here. We will let you know when you are allowed to visit but only one visitor at a time. You can't make him speak. He needs to rest." We nodded at every word she spoke.
"We understand. Thank you." She nodded and left. Out of excitement Mom squeezed my hands and we both chuckled. Finally I could feel the peace knowing Dad was awake. He was safe.
"I will call Dean and Liv and let them know." Mom nodded before I fetched the phone out of my pocket and walked away.
"Hello." He picked up on the first ring.
"Dean, Dad is out of coma." I rushed the words out.
"Fuck! Really?" I heard Liv.
"Yes, the nurse just informed us." It was quiet on their side for a second before Dean let out an unbelieving chuckle.
"We'll come right away." I heard some shuffling.
"No, wait, they won't allow a lot of visitors." I cast an apologetic glance at the people standing there because of the sudden rise in my voice.
"It's not the visitor's hours now. Come in the evening." There was no point in them coming now when they won't be allowed to see Dad.
"Okay, then." I heard him sigh.
"I'll see you in the evening." I had hardly completed my sentence when a protest rang out from their side.
"Oh no. You are going home straight after you see Roger." Liv said in a warning tone.
"You need to take plenty of rest before you faint from exhaustion." I sighed hearing to both of them.
"Okay, fine. Bye." I mumbled.
"Bye." Just as I hung up, Rylan's name came to my mind. I felt like I should inform him. Would he want to know? but the thought that he might be busy or in the middle of a meeting was holding me back. After a lot of debate I ended up calling him.
"Elena. Is everything fine there?" His rich deep voice reached my ears. Another thing that waa there in his voice was concern.
"Yes, everything's fine." I pushed my hair behind my shoulder.
"Okay, so you need something?" He sounded relaxed this time.
"No, I was just... Actually Dad regained consciousness and I thought uhm...maybe you would want to know." I fumbled, not really sure if he would appreciate this call during his working hours.
"That's great! I'll be there." My eyes widened on their own. I obviously didn't expect this answer from him.
"That won't be necessary." I hurriedly blurted out. There was a small silence on his side.
"But I'm still coming. Besides, I'll get you back home. You need to rest." His tone left no room for argument. Every word coming out of his mouth sounded like an order but I heard more than just that. Spending months with him under one roof taught me to. There was concern in his voice, a substantial amount of it.

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