Chapter: 37

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"Damn girl! You killed it up there!" Skyler screeched as soon as I came down the stage. I swear this girl was always excited.
"Eh.. Thank you?" They all chuckled at my response. What can I say ? I was really bad at receiving compliments. We made our way to the bar.
"What can I get for the beautiful ladies here?" A bartender came up and winked at Skyler.
"A round of shots, please." Bent's voice wasn't at all pleading. He was in fact glaring at him.
"Coming up." He nervously smiled before getting our drinks. I gulped it down and scrunched my nose at the burning sensation in my throat. We got another round and I could slowly feel the buzz . Brent, Skyler and Hannah got up to get to the dance floor. I was about to when my phone beeped. It was a message from Anna.
"Elena, come, let's get to the dance floor." Hannah tugged at my hand.
"Coming in a minute. You guys go ahead." She shrugged and left with Skyler and Ben.
I opened the message from Anna.
Me: Did Ava sleep?
Only a minute later my phone vibrated with a text.
Stacey: Yes, I put her to bed just a while ago.
Me: Thanx :)
"You look really beautiful today." My attention went to Lucas who was sitting beside me. I put my phone down and took a long sip of my drink.
"Aw thank you! You look good as well." The little alcohol just helped me to let out a proper compliment.
"Let's go to the dance floor." I got up but turned back when I noticed that Lucas wasn't coming.
"You aren't coming?" He shook his head.
"Nope. I'm too tired." I frowned a bit before shrugging.
"Okay." I looked for my friends. Locating Hannah, I pushed my way past the sweaty bodies. I was swaying my hips according to the rhythm of the song. It felt really good to let it loose after such a long time. Some guy came up to dance but didn’t bother when he got the memo that I wasn't interested.That’s a rarity.
After a long time, my feet were hurting. I was never too comfortable in heels. Letting them know I went back to the bar.
"And you're back so early, why? You got quite the moves." Lucas said once I sat down beside him.
"My feet hurt like a bitch." He chuckled at my response.
"What are you having?" I asked, eyeing his drink .
"Jack and Coke." I furrowed my eyebrows and turned to look at the bartender.
"Get me that." I asked pointed towards a drink a girl a few feet away from me was nurturing.
"Are you sure you want that?" Lucas was staring at me.
"Of course, that's why I ordered." I shrugged .
"It's quite strong." I blinked a few times before turning my head away.
"I want to try." I sounded like a stubborn kid. The drink was placed before me. I immediately gulped down quite a lot because I was quite thirsty from dancing.
"Slow down! You're going to get drunk ." I looked at Lucas in alarm and put the glass down.
"Sorry." I sheepishly smiled before taking small sips.


I got off work a bit later than normal. There were a few important things needed to be taken care of. So I had Benjamin drive Elena to home. When I got back home, Elena wasn't there. Stacey told me that she had gone out .
Pulling out my phone, I saw her text.
Elena: Going out with friends. Didn't want to disturb you because you were loaded with work. So dropping this text.
"Friends!" I muttered in annoyance, but why? I wasn't a fucking kid that I would miss her if she is out for some hours. Get a grip man!
I changed into my tees and went to see Ava in her room. She was sleeping peacefully. Kissing her head, I walked out before closing the door behind me.
With every passing minute I was getting impatient. Finally I decided to call her up and she picked up on the second ring.
"Hel-lloo" I furrowed my eyebrows. Why the fuck was she slurring?
"Elena, are you drunk?" I heard her giggle.
"Uh huh. I am not drunk. I am - I am just... I don't know." I clicked my tongue in annoyance. How much did she drink?
"You need to tell me where exactly you are? The name of the place?" I spoke every word clearly hoping it would cut through her haze.
"I don't know, some club. I... forgot the name." I sighed in irritation.
"Is there someone beside you?"  There was a small pause on the other side of the phone before she spoke.
"Let me talk to her." She hummed before passing the phone.
"Mr. Parker." A masculine voice filtered in. It wasn't a girl!? She was out with a guy. I breathed to keep the anger in check.
"Who are you?" My voice came out harsh.
"Lucas." She was drunk when she was with a guy!? How stupid was she? My mind reeled with innumerable scenarios that Elena could find herself in.
"Where is this club?" I asked impatience dripping from my tone. I wanted nothing more than to reach her and bring her home.
"Star club, the one that recently opened." I knew which place he was speaking off.
"Give her the phone back?"
"Sure." I bit down on my bottom lip waiting to hear her voice.
"Hmmm?" Her faint voice came.
"Just stay seated at a place. I will come and get you." I spoke loud and clear, hoping that she understood what I said and did accordingly.
"Okayy!" She cheerily replied.
I took my coat and rushed out into the car. Within ten minutes I was there. The place was quite crowded. I looked around till my eyes fell on her and holy shit! She looked so damn hot in that glittery black mini dress. I could guess the amount of stares she was receiving there but what bothered me was that she was leaning against ... a guy.


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