Chapter: 35

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"You know I have a lot of questions in my mind right now." Liv said, her eyes glancing back at Rylan's figure.
"And I can guess what they are." She raised a questioning brow. Last thing she knew was we were still going for the divorce and now Rylan arranged a birthday dinner for me. I could see the huge question marks popping up inside her brain. I looked at Dean. Though he hadn't said or asked anything, I knew he too was looking for answers.
"I know we have a lot of catching up to do. Do something. Come over to my place this weekend." She gave it a quick thought before nodding.
"Okay." She gave a small shrug.
"See you then." I looked at Dean to see him nodding in agreement.
"When you said we are going for dinner, I never guessed we are having everyone there." I looked back at Ava sitting in the backseat.
"I tried planning a little something? Did you... enjoy the evening?" He stole a quick glance before focussing on the road.
"Did it look like I didn't? I had a really good time." I leaned back in the passenger seat thinking back to dinner. Mom had left with Dad a little earlier. He had his medicines and he needed to sleep in time. It had been a few months since he was back from hospital and he was doing well since then. An involuntary sigh escaped my lips.
“This was my first time planning anything completely on my own. It’s just not my thing." My eyes quickly went to the veins popping up on his hands as he gripped the steering wheel. I forced my eyes up before humming.
"And you didn't suck."
"I guess so." He quietly murmured.
"At least you didn't pretend to forget my birthday totally. That's really stupid!" I rolled my eyes thinking about such people.
"I mean in the era of social media, having someone not knowing your birthday is quite impossible. And the other person just plays dumb. No one can be such an idiot to not connect all the dots." He chuckled at that.
"Thank you for this evening. It was beautiful. I loved it." I said after a long moment of silence, bringing a smile to his face.

“Did Jayce ask you to the party tomorrow?" I asked, shoving a curly fry inside my mouth. As talked, Liv and Dean were here for the much required catch up session. We had on a whim decided to treat ourselves to some greasy food that screamed unhealthy and made some mocktails. So now we sat discussing anything and everything.
“He did. I was just thinking of what to wear." I sighed in relief.
"I feel so relieved that you are gonna be there. I didn't want to be alone there sipping on drinks when Rylan is busy meeting people." I spoke looking at my nails.
"Rylan.. how are things between you two? I mean you are going to get a divorce. It's a little strange that he arranged a dinner for your birthday." I pressed my lips together. I had to tell them about  the equation me and Rylan shared at present.
"Uhh .. about that, I had to tell you something." I hesitantly said.
"What ? Don't tell me he did something stupid to hurt you! Tell me did he?" Judging by his expressions, I bet Dean was planning ways to kill Rylan.
"No, nothing like that happened." He visibly relaxed.
"Rylan and I …. We are not getting a divorce." I was waiting for Liv's hyper excited rant and I got it.
"What do you mean? Is that stupid planning something new? Is he forcing you to go along? I knew it. That birthday celebration. It was some publicity stunt, wasn’t it?" She was semi-yelling, looking ready to murder Rylan at any chance she could get .
"No, no it isn't anything like that. It's our mutual decision that we don't want to get divorced." I said before taking a sip of the drink.
"What ? Why- Did you tell him about your feelings?" I nodded and stole a quick glance of Dean whose lips were lightly pressed in a thin line.
"What about him? " I returned my gaze back to Liv who was staring intently at me.
"He did too. He was the first to say that he didn't want the divorce." I sighed remembering the day . It was crazy how we had gone from avoiding each other to making out and cuddling in bed in a single day.
"So now he has feelings for you?" Dean's voice broke my trance .
"Yes. He confessed. He took me on a date, he is doing all the right things."  I focussed on his face before my mind could again drift away to the memories of that day.
"Say something." I urged once both of them had gone absolutely quiet, deep in their thoughts. Well, Dean is by nature a little quiet but that's not the case with Liv.
"I don't know. You like him and he was… I want you to be happy but I am just worried." I felt my heart swell at her deep concern.
"You know I feel so lucky to have friends like you two. " She smiled gently before getting serious again.
"Are you sure you want to do this? I don't want to ruin anything for you but you aren't taking a hasty decision I suppose?" I shook my head at Dean's words.
"I love him. And I'm sure that I want to give this a chance. " I wanted to. Divorce would have  been the only haste decision I guess.
"I am telling you if Rylan hurts you again, I will just tear his balls and feed them to the piranhas." She sounded so threatening that I would be scared if I hadn't known her for years.
"Wow! That's pretty violent, no?" She looked at me with a poker face before we chuckled collectively.

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