Chapter: 47

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"Daddy!" Ava squealed from the kitchen as soon as I walked down the stairs. Lili too was in the kitchen, smiling as she was mixing something in a bowl.

"Yes, sweetheart?" I took long casual strides towards her. "What's my little mouse doing?" I ruffled her hair while asking.

"We are making chocolate pie." My eyes glanced at the counter top where different ingredients were laid out.

"Sounds delicious!"

"You want to help?" Ava offered.

"I don't know how to make it." I pulled my lips in a pout.

"I will teach you." She said with a reassuring face.

"You will teach me, huh? You know how to make it?" As I raised my brows at her, she looked offended.

"I know." She blurted before peeking at me out of the corner of her eyes. I playfully narrowed my eyes at her in response to which she let out a small huff.

"Lili will teach me and then I'll teach you. Right Lili?" She mumbled waddling back to Lili and I couldn't help but smile. I walked in too.

"Of course, baby." She smiled at her. We were halfway into making the pie when I heard Ava.

"Daddy!" She was staring up at me with a grin. I could spot a glint of mischief in her eyes but perhaps I was a bit late. I dragged my hand down my left cheek to wipe some of the flour off my face.

"Oh no, you didn't!" I looked back at Lili who as well was covered in flour. She grinned mischievously at me before her eyes settled on Ava who was now pulling off the best innocent look she could muster.

"Someone's in trouble!" Letting out a giggle Ava, took off running while we chased her. Lili blocked her way from one side and I picked her up.

"Daddy no." She shrieked in excitement as I lifted her off the ground. Lili covered her cheeks with flour causing her to clench her eyes shut. She was too silent for a second and we thought maybe the flour had gone in her eyes before she gave out an adorable little sneeze. That drew out a laugh from all of us.

"What are you laughing at?" I tapped her nose.

"Rylan!" I followed Lili's eyes and looked around the kitchen which was now a lot more messy with the flour all over the floor.

"We made a mess!" I nodded before putting Ava down. I picked a tissue and dusted off the flour from her face and clothes.

"Now go out and wait till we clean this up." She nodded big before sprinting out of the kitchen.

"I'll clean it." Lili offered and I was quick to decline.

"No, you don't need to." She sighed before stepping closer.

"Thank you." My brow rose in question.

"For what?" She turned her face to look at Ava.

"For letting me into Ava's life." She sounded like she really meant it. Ava was at the moment highly engrossed in watching some cartoons on her mobile.

"I didn't deserve this." I looked back at Lili and shook my head.

"You do deserve it. Everyone deserves a second chance." Some months back I wouldn't have believed that I would be the one saying this to her but I didn't regret my decision.

"I could have come earlier." That's something I couldn't disagree with. So I just kept shut.

"I'm so glad that you didn't just put a restriction order on me or something. Ava is such a lovely little girl and I'm happy that I'm getting to know her." At her words I let a smile touch my lips.

"She loves you already." I stated. It was true. Ava had opened up to her within some weeks and she was comfortable with being herself around her.

"I love her too." She sighed dreamily.

"Mommy!" Ava ran towards Elena who had just come down the stairs looking ready for somewhere.

"Come with me. We will make pie together." Ava was already tugging at her hand. Elena gave her a smile.

"No sweetie. I can't. I have to be somewhere." Ava poured at her response.

"Where are you going?" I blurted the question out. She took a second to look up at me.

"To meet Dean." I was wary of her curt tone. Something wasn't right.

"Is something wrong?" I voiced my concern.

"Why will something be wrong?" She brusquely questioned back it wasn't hard to tell that she was disturbed. In all the days I have spent with her, something that was very clear was her inability to suppress her emotions. It felt that it was a good thing, allowing me to understand her easily.

"We haven't met in days." She spoke after she had composed herself.

"I want to see Dean too." Our eyes moved to Ava who stood there, staring at Elena with a pleading look. Dean and Olivia had really grown on her to the point that now she didn't want to pass on any chance of seeing them.

"But you were making pies right?" Elena asked, crouching down in front of her. Ava's face twisted in conflict as she mentally measured her options.

"I'll take you to meet him some other day, okay?" This seemingly put an end to the debate that might have been going on in her head.

"Okay!" She nodded big before completely facing Lili.

"Can we make it now?" She asked, referring to the baking session.

"Of course, honey." Lili cooed, getting Ava really excited. She sprinted off to her. My eyes found Elena's as she slowly stood up.

"I will drive you. Let me just quickly change and-" I was already heading towards the stairs when she cut me off mid-sentence.

"I'll bring Chris with me." She was avoiding eye contact with me.

"I can drop you off." I further insisted.

"I won't need that!" She sounded a little irritated causing me to raise a brow at her. She pressed her lips together and inhaled.

"Chris will be there. You don't need to come with me. You're spending time with Ava." She said, jerking her head towards the kitchen.

"So just....go and...have some good time." Passing me a tight-lipped smile she lost no time in dashing out of the house.

" Passing me a tight-lipped smile she lost no time in dashing out of the house

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