Chapter 05

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"Mom!" I called after closing the door behind me. I had moved back in the day Dad was back from the hospital. I wanted to be there for him. Well the other half of the reason was that it actually helped with minimizing the expenses.
"In here." I followed her voice to the kitchen. She stood behind the counter making dinner for Dad. I went straight for a hug.
She patted my shoulder, returning the hug. "Well, you are happy! What is it?" I loosened my hold around her.
"I got the job at the Knight's." Her face broke in a grin once the news settled in.
"You got the job! Well done, honey!" She gushed.
"I never doubted my daughter for a second! I knew you would get it." Dad's eyes shone with pride and that one sight alone could compensate for all of my hard work.
"I know, Dad. You always believe in me."  I sat down beside him. Putting my head on his shoulder, I heaved a sigh of relief. Dad placed his hand on mine and gave it a gentle squeeze.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"I need those documents right now. And here's the draft. Make the necessary changes and bring them back to me." I said sliding the file across the table.
It's been a week since I had joined as the HR manager and to be honest I had some really inefficient subordinates. I was left under a lot of work pressure but I knew that I was going to make this work, I had to.
I hadn't yet had the time to get well acquainted with someone and judging by the way I rushed off as soon as work hours were over, the possibility of this happening sounded pretty far-fetched.
I leaned back in my seat to relieve my neck that hurt from sitting straight for hours. My phone rang only a second later. It was an unknown number. I waited for the person to speak first, something I have always done.
"Rylan Parker this side. Am I speaking to Ms. Smith?" The familiar, authoritative voice filled the brief silence. Rylan Parker as in Ava's father. I remembered that name but what I didn't remember was any unfinished business that he could call me for.
"Speaking. How may I help you?" I heard some shuffling on the other side.
The reply came out rather quick and unhesitant. "I would like to see you at my office. Tomorrow."
That's it? He wasn't even going to offer a reason behind the request he made that wasn't even a request in the first place?
Figured I should just ask myself. "Can I know why?"
I pulled the phone away from my ear and blinked at the audacity of this man.
“Excuse me?” I chuckled, disbelievingly.
"I'm afraid that it's a bit confidential to be discussed over a phone call." Why was I having the feeling that it wasn't something good? As far as I could recollect there was no possible horizon where our interests might meet, let alone a confidential talk.
"I'm getting a little apprehensive here. What is the matter?" I asked once more, hoping I would get something to feed my curiosity.
"I'll tell you that once we meet." It was concerning that he didn't even say that I needn't worry. Then again the short interaction with him didn't exactly put him forward as genial. I sighed in annoyance and tapped my right foot on the floor.
"Not tomorrow, I wanna meet today." I demanded. A day's wait seemed like too much work. I needed to sleep at night and my curiosity had reached a level where it wouldn't allow me to.
"Well, that can be arranged." He said after a second of deliberation. "I'll send you my car."
Yeah, thanks! Mama taught me better! "I have my car. Just send me the address."
"When should I be expecting you?"
I glanced at my watch. "Does four sound good?"
"It does. See you." I hummed before hanging up. Pressing my lips together I regarded the shit ton of work I would have to complete if I were to leave early and meet Rylan Parker.
"Excuse me. I am here to meet Rylan Parker." At exactly five minutes before the stipulated time I found myself in the elegantly designed lobby of Parker Realty. If I wasn't worried about the promised chat, I would have drooled over the expensive interiors.
The middle-aged lady in the reception looked up to give me a disinterested once-over. "Do you have an appointment?"
"I guess. Can you check with him? He asked me to be here at four." After directing a long assessing gaze at me, she nodded.
"Can I get your name?"
"Elena Smith." Another nod. She spoke over the phone before hastily keeping it down.
"Mr. Parker is expecting you." Thanking her, I took the elevator which stopped at the required floor with a ding. Since the moment I had set a foot inside the building, my mind had been racing with all sorts of possibilities. I just wanted to get it over with .
I knocked at the door to the CEO's cabin and heard a gruff come in. There was that god-like man, seated behind his table, his eyes completely trained on his laptop screen. If I said he looked handsome that day, he looked devastating in formals. The fitted navy suit did nothing to hide his defined biceps and muscular shoulder.
I could go for hours by just looking at him but that wasn't why I was here in the first place.
He looked up at me and a flare of that familiar something went through his eyes.
"Ms. Smith." He nodded curtly and gestured to take a seat without taking his eyes off my face. His unfaltering gaze had left me feeling conscious.
"What did you have to discuss?" I asked once I had taken a seat. I pushed the hair behind my shoulders. He let his eyes linger for another few seconds before picking up a file from his desk and sliding it towards me.
I raised a brow in question. "What is this?"
"Read it." He said. I didn't like his attitude. He behaved as if he was the one signing my paychecks. 
Without giving it much thought, I picked up the file and started reading through the pages and to stay I was appalled was an understatement.
"I'm sorry, is this some kind of a joke? Because I'm clearly not in the mood for it." My mouth twisted into a humorless chuckle.
"Good thing. I don't joke." He lifted his shoulder in a casual shrug.
"You mean this is exactly what I think this is." I slammed the file on the desk. His eyes followed my movement before they traveled back to my face.
"A marriage contract? Yes."  He calmly acknowledged contrasting the state of mind I was in.  This wasn't even in the list of prospects that I had imagined could be the reasons for the meeting.
"What does this mean?" I gritted through my teeth.
"This means that we are going to be married for two years and-"
"I can read." I gritted the words out, stopping him in the middle of his unhelpful explanation. He spoke as if he was explaining his work schedule for the day and not a whole ass marriage!
"Good for you!" I could bet that he was trying to get a rise out of me with his infuriating remarks.
"Why in the world will I marry you!?" The way my voice still sounded composed surprised me.
"Because….." He trailed off looking for the suitable words. "I need you to." He offered.
I stared at him unblinking. It took everything in me to not round the table and slap him across the face. Forcing a breath out, I stood up to leave.
"Wait! I'll explain." There was the slightest sense of urgency in his voice.
"Save it. I'll live."

* * * * * * * *

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