Chapter 15: Revenge

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Fat Amy suddenly went to the lobby, cutting what Beca was saying. Now, I don't know what Jesse is to Beca.

One side of my mind is thinking what Jesse was to Beca. Before they knew they're siblings. In that three years that I was suffering and they were happy. Beca isn't really happy? So what is Jesse to her?

The other side of my mind is disgusted. Imagine, you're kissing your brother and stuff. I'll assume that one thing didn't happen. You know what I mean.

Both topics are bothering me.

"Chloe! Chloe! Chloe" someone said while snapping in front of my face. I must have zoned out for too long.

My visions cleared and I saw a cute, small and pale hand. I turned and saw Beca.

Really? Beca? Now that I'm thinking of what you were saying you'll sit beside me.

"You have a text, babe." Beca said. Babe? I didn't allow her to call me babe. Now, everyone's looking at us because of that, 'babe'

They all laughed. "That's not the proper way to call you best friend." Stacie said.

Beca just rolled her eyes.

Yes, Stacie! Just best friends.

"You have a text, Chloe." Beca said looking at Stacie. I chuckled.

I looked at my phone and saw the text, of course. I was excited, expecting it was Aubrey. Maybe she's asking how are we. Or maybe, good luck? I don't know, but it's still Aubrey.

Nope it's not. It says Beca. 2 Messages from Beca.

So... will you be mine?

Also, change my name into something cool, like the DJ or idk, any cool shit will do.

That fast Beca? What the fuck.

I changed her name to babe. I looked at her and saw her smile grow. I changed it because it's funny, not because I'm going to say 'yes' to this fucking question.

I changed your name. Happy? And, the answer's no.

Looked at her, and her smile faded. That's for lying to me for 3 years. If ever it's true that you have liked me for 3 years.

Why? :-(

Really? Beca.

Look, Beca I won't be a rebound.

But you aren't. Okay if you feel like a rebound so be it.

Now you're mad?

I love you.

Oh okay.

I won't allow you're 'no' to stop me.

What do you mean?

Action speak louder than words.


I was expecting for a reply, but when I looked at her. She's not looking at her phone anymore. She was looking straight, smiling.

Beca, what do you mean?

I texted her again, but she wasn't even looking at her phone.

I called her.

Her phone started ringing. Now, she looked at it.

"Oh my god, Chloe! Why are you calling me? You're just beside me!" She said. Everyone looked at me, and laughed.

"Chloe, your face has the same color as your hair."

Beca just smirked.

Ugh! Beca just embarrassed me. Now, I know what she means. Revenge.

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