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Best friend's sister  by Bichwot
Best friend's sister by Bichwot
Jesse is Beca's best friend. Chloe is Jesse's big sister.
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I GUESS I DO by LimariiooooKim
I GUESS I DOby Chryzz Gu
Chloe's cousin's getting married and she'll be damned if she has to endure another family gathering/speed dating weekend. Cue Beca to begrudgingly save the day. NOTE : I...
Footprint made of blood by sendrick_bechloe
Footprint made of bloodby Sendrick_bechloe
She was different that's for sure. She was stronger then others. Faster bigger smarter. But a part of her was missing. A part of her made by silver. Bechloe. Supernatur...
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A New Perspective by dontforget727
A New Perspectiveby dontforget727
Basically Anna and Brittany separately stumble upon the world of Bechloe fanfic and it opens their eyes a bit about how they feel towards one another. I guess you could...
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Bechloe - You Can Depend On Me by Doctor_Mobius
Bechloe - You Can Depend On Meby Doctor Mobius
Idea by @jazzy100583. Beca Mitchell is a Special Agent in the FBI and is at the top of her field. One day, Beca is assigned to put a stripper, Chloe Beale, into Witness...
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Lies and Deception  by Kings_Vill21
Lies and Deception by Kings_Vill21
Beca, Chloe, and Stacie are all friends at an all-girl private school. When a new girl is expected to come, all 3 of the girls become intrigued, because the new girl is...
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Coffee? (Bechloe) by ItsLittleOldMee
Coffee? (Bechloe)by ItsLittleOldMee
Set at the end of PP, A slightly okay fanfiction about a wild redhead and a petulant DJ with a subpar ending. Hope y'all enjoy.
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Bechloe One Shots  by VintageLoser01
Bechloe One Shots by bechloe trash
All those good one shots of Bechloe for you Some slow updates bc of work lol
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Soulmates or Roommates by loveyou_or_not
Soulmates or Roommatesby Obsessed
Everyone has a soulmate, but whether they meet and accept each other is the difficult part. So, what will happen when Beca meets Chloe? What happens when the broken meet...
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New love, again by bechloeisgreat
New love, againby bechloeisgreat
5 years after everyone has graduated from barden. See how beca and Chloe reconnect. First fanfic sorry if it's bad 😬
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We shouldn't do this... by BechloeFanfictions
We shouldn't do EyerollEmoji🙄
Beca Mitchell, a 17 year old high schooler finds her self in a bit of a dilemma, her boyfriend leaves her in the worst situation and she doesn't know what to do... who w...
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8 Years Later ✔️ by PitchSlapped2208
8 Years Later ✔️by PitchSlapped2208
Beca and Chloe were high school sweethearts. They had been through everything together and were even engaged to be married. But when something happens that makes Beca le...
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Bechloe - Can You Find It In Your Heart? by Doctor_Mobius
Bechloe - Can You Find It In Doctor Mobius
Idea by @Djcali123. Set in an alternative universe, Beca Mitchell is a world-famous music producer who tours all over the world, making an even bigger name for herself...
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Beca Mitchell: Vampire Hunter(Editing) by Super-Fangirl-Corp
Beca Mitchell: Vampire Hunter( Вє¢нℓσє Тяαѕн
Beca Mitchell tips and Guide about Bloodsucking bastards •Avoid staring into eyes. •Avoid listening to their singing(Oddly enough these creatures lure people with their...
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Oh baby! by bechloe_anna
Oh baby!by bechloe_anna
Chloe Beale is pregnant and Beca is all the way across the country. While Chloe lives in Georgia, Beca decided to continue her dream of becoming a producer in California...
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Unknown Number by Sendrick4eva47
Unknown Numberby BechloeBae
Chloe receives a text from an unknown number. Beca g!p Don't read if ur not cool with sexy shit :/
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All I Need Is You by kurrii
All I Need Is Youby kurrii
When Beca Mitchell gets pregnant with Jesse's baby on accident, can Chloe stick by her side the whole time?
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my soulmate (bechloe) by bblueyesz
my soulmate (bechloe)by bblueyesz
When you turn 18, you and your soulmate are able to speak to eachother through thoughts. Chloe Beale comes from a family without soulmates. They had just married random...
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50 Shades of Pitch Perfect by pitchperfecthuh
50 Shades of Pitch Perfectby Pitch Perfect❤️
The Barden Bella's have known each other for over a year and things get steamy...
Triple Treble: An Aca-love Story by iambrianataylor
Triple Treble: An Aca-love Storyby Briana Taylor
Beca, Chloe and Aubrey have known each other since Beca met the iconic duo of Chaubrey on her first day at Barden. Chloe being Chloe, she invited Beca to join the Barden...
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