Chapter 8: Wasted

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Emily ruined everything! Why does she have to sing that song! I can't argue with her anymore since Beca stopped me.

After she stopped me, I just watched her run with Jesse. Their hands intertwined, smiles on their faces. This can't be. Why do they have to be so happy? This is so unfair.

I let myself outside the room since everything went wrong. Those Germans look down on us, Jesse and Beca, everything.


We went home after Amy got drunk.

Beca didn't come with us since she wanted to spend the night with Jesse.

I tried to sleep, but I can't. Many things were going through my mind. Then I remembered, "Everytime I'm looking for peace, I come hear." Maybe like Beca, I could find peace in that tree too.

I walked going their looking at the stars. Looking at Beca's favorite star until I heard someone crying.

I have reached the oak tree and there I saw Beca. She was crying. It broke my heart to see her like this.

"Beca!" I called out. I watched her wipe the tears in her face before giving me a hand.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing." You could here her voice broke until she couldn't contain her tears anymore. I placed my arms on her shoulders. "Shh, you know you can tell me anything, Beca."

She looked up to me with those eyes full of tears then hugged me real tight.

"What happened? Where's Jesse?" I said as she let go. She looked down and said, "We had a fight. You know I can't fight him. He's been with me for 3 years, but what he asked was too much." She started.

"He got mad because I'm not giving him time anymore. He can't understand that we joined the world's, and that's where my focus is for now. He thinks I don't love him. He then asked who I wanted. If it's you, Chloe, or him." Why would he ask Beca if it's me or him?


Beca suddenly stared at me surprised with what she just said. "I-I mean. Between the Bellas and him." I don't want to assume that she likes me too, but why would Jesse ask that.

It was obvious that Jesse didn't ask if it's the Bellas or him. It's specifically me.

"Can I ask you a favor?" Beca said. I nodded.

"I'm sure Jesse is looking for me and I know he won't find me. Please tell him that I sent you a message to tell him that I wanted to be alone." She said wiping the tears in her face.

"I don't want to see him right now. He must be in the grounds." I smiled at her and carefully went down the oak tree.

I went to our campus grounds and Beca's right, Jesse is here. I felt fear in me since they fought because of me, or maybe the Bellas. Jesse then saw me and approached me. "Chloe, have you seen Beca?" You can see he's really worried.

"She sent me a message that I would find you here. She asked me to tell you that she wants some time alone."

"You two are really close, huh? Please if you see her tell her I love her so much and I'm sorry. You know, Chloe, I love her so much and I don't want to lose her. 3 years is hard for me to let go." He said.

"Don't worry. I'll tell her."

"I'll count on that."

I went back to the oak tree, but this time, Beca wasn't there. Now, where did she go?

I went back to our house and took my phone. She left a message again.

Wait for me in the tree. I'll be back in a while.

I went back to the tree, but of course I can't climb it. I waited for her under it, closing my eyes and looking for peace. It was nice to be alone in a place like this.

Until someone tossed something soft to me. I opened my eyes and saw sweater. "Why are you sleeping? I said 'wait for me' okay?" Beca said pretending to be mad, but was actually smiling. She was brought a bucket of beer and a bag of chips.

"Still can't climb the tree alone, huh?" Beca smirked.

She handed me the bucket of beer and went up the tree. She asked me to hand it to her again before giving me a hand.

She opened one and asked me if I wanted. I wanted to, but I remembered the night I got drunk. I shook my head and looked up.

I watched her drink one bottle of beer in one gulp. "Beca!" I said.

"What? I'm enjoying my beer." She said.

"Come on! Have one. Just one, please." I can never say no to Beca begging me to do something, so I opened one bottle.

She tried getting something in her pocket. She had a pack of cigarettes. This wasn't Beca. "Beca! What are you doing?! You never smoke! You know that's not good."

"Chloe, come on! I just want to try it!" Whatever, she'll regret it in the end. She lit one and just coughed. I tried smoking before, so I know. I didn't like it though.

I took it and smoked for the first time in more than 5 years. She watched me, surprised that I'm not coughing. She then threw the pack away.

"What's wrong?" I asked while she opened another bottle of beer.

She didn't answer me. I asked her to go down while she's not drunk yet.

We remained silent under the tree until Beca drunk a total of 5 bottles already.

You can say she's drunk already. She kept on ranting about Jesse

She suddenly grabbed me. Looked at me straight in the eyes, and asked, "Chloe Beale, do you love me?"

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