Chapter 17: Misconception

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"Chloe! Wake up! Ginger!" I heard someone said.

Hoping it was Beca I opened my eyes, but my visions are still blurred.

I tried blinking and

Nope, it's not Beca

"There's a gift for you in the mail!"

"Really? Fat Amy?" I said while bending to my right to check what time it is.

"It's like 6am in th-"

It's 1pm.

"Oh. Why am I still asleep?"

"That doesn't matter. Come on already!" Fat Amy pulled me outside. Not allowing me to even brush my teeth or something.

We arrived at the front yard of our house. Exactly at the place where the mail box is.

"I'll leave you alone."

I opened the mail box and there's a small box in it.

I took the blue box out and stared at it. Who would send this?

There's a tiny card attached.

For Chloe

There's no name or initial or anything. I opened it and there's this beautiful bracelet.

A Charriol Bangle. This design is simple, but beautiful.

Whoever gave this to me, shouldn't have. This accessory is kinda pricey.

I did try it on though. Then a tiny envelope caught my eye. It was in the box too. I opened it and there's a letter inside

Hey beautiful!

This is a simple gift for you!

Sincerely yours,

D? Who's d? Oh shit. Dylan.

Is it really him? I gave him a chance, but what if. What will I do?

I went inside and saw everyone gathered there. No, not everyone. Beca's not here.

"What?" I said.

"Oh nothing." Everyone then left with smiles on their faces.

I checked the time and it's almost 1 pm I have a class in 15 mins.


As I ran going to my class I bumped into someone.

Is this destiny?! It's Dylan.

"O-oh h-hey Dylan!"

"Chloe! What's up?"

"Im going to be late in my next class, but thanks for the gift."

Shit. What if it's not from him? I'm sure it's from him I mean who would give me a gift right?

He gave me a confused looked but I didn't mind, "bye!" I said then ran as fast as I can.


"Chloe! Hury up! You're like an hour in the shower already!" I heard Stacie shouting.

"Wait!" I quickly got out of the shower dried myself and put on some muscle tee and jeans.

I ran towards the mail box. It's been 3 days since Dylan sent me gifts. He sent me day and night. That means twice a day.

I have 6 gifts.

Ever since I only see Beca during rehearsals.

"Oh, Chloe." Fat Amy chuckled.

She looked up. "Chloe?! You're wearing.." Im not surprised with her reaction because I always wear sensitive clothes. I always look uptight. But I'm graduating soon. I have to enjoy these clothes.

"Oh, shut up." I said while opening the mail box. Excited about the gift inside.

It's empty.

"Oh my god." Fat Amy said looking at something at my back.

I turned around slowy and there I saw a tiny brunette holding some flowers.

"What are you doing?" I asked her raising an eyebrow.


"After not talking to me for 3 days."

"But I still do things for you."

"Stop, Beca. Dylan loves me and I'm falling for him. With all these gifts he's giving me."

"Gift? But I-"

"Bye Beca!" I walked passed her ignoring how bitchy I am.

Nope, this time I'm not turning around. I looked forward and saw Dylan running towards me. I stood still.

"Chloe I-" Dylan said while catching his breath.

"Chloe, I need to tell you something." I felt my lips smirk. I turned around to make sure Beca's watching this.

This is the time Dylan admits he has feelings for me then we kiss. Infront of Beca.

I turned back to Dylan.

"Chloe, I didn't understand what you were saying the past 3 days until I asked Stacie what was that. She said there are gifts."

"Yeah, and really i appreciate them."

"No, don't thank me. Those aren't from me."

What?! From who?! Who is d?!

"It's from Beca."

I felt a tear fall.

It hurts to know Dylan isn't going to say I love you. It hurts to know that I- that I-

I still love Beca.

I wouldn't want her to see us kissing if I don't love her. I wouldn't want her to be envious if I don't love her. I won't care what she feels if I don't love her.

I looked back at her and she's crying too. She ran.

She just ran, but I stood still. I can't feel my body.

Then I felt a sudden boost, so I ran. I chased her.

I chased her just like what she did when I ran. I love her.

"Beca!" I called out surprised that she stopped.

"What is Jesse to you?!"

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