Chapter 18: Time

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"Beca! answer me what is Jesse to you?!"

"Okay! I'll tell you!"

She looked me straight in the eyes then looked down.

"First of all Dylan doesn't like you, so if you like him so be it, but I won't give up, not anymore." She started.

"I loved you for three years, and I still love you. And Jesse. Jesse's just an escape."


"I've wanted to tell you ever since, but I know you don't like girls. I was wrong."

"So I'll say it properly. In front of our tree."

Oh my god. I didn't realize we're in this tree. The oak tree. Where everything happened.

"Jesse's just a distraction. Dylan's just using you to get to Stacie."

That kinda hurts. I'm just being used.

"And I-"

"Okay Beca it's my turn to talk." I know what she was going to say, but I can't hear it right now.

"I'm sorry. so so sorry!" I started crying.

Then it started raining. Again.

I looked up and felt the rain drops touch my face. I felt it in my skin. And it feels so good.

"We should go inside."

"No, Beca."

I wanted this feeling. If I can feel this it means I'm not dreaming, drunk or even high. All of this is real and I can't escape it.

"I'm so sorry Beca. I am sorry. I shouldn't have broken your heart."
I started again, still crying.

"All you did is amazing. You're amazing. You're perfect. From your choice of star to your style of getting me."

"I LOVE YOU CHLOE BEALE" Beca shouted cutting me off.

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