Chapter 14: Thunderstruck

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Jesse's my brother

Jesse's my brother

What the fuck? What is happening?

How can that be? They were just together the night before we left. I'm so confused. Beca, must be making this all up.

Beca would never lie. She would never, but how can that happen?

Beca kneeled before me covering her face. She still loves him, and it hurts to know that, but seeing Beca this broken hurts 1000000x more.

We were in the middle of the rain. I reached after her and hugged her. "Shhhhh, let's go find shelter."

She's not moving. I wanted to carry her, but I know she would totally hate it. "I met his parents." She whispered.

"I met his parents. I was excited. They were excited. Until he introduced my mom to me. Jesse told me his mom had been gone for a long time. Now, I understand why. It's because of me."

"I looked at my mom and remembered the last thing I told her before I leave to study hear. 'I want her to be happy.' She was already happy while I was isolating myself, shutting everyone out. She was happy when I was broken. Now, I understand why Phil and mom separated."

I carried her because she'll be really ill after this. She punched me while I did, but I didn't mind.

We went back to the camp and everyone's asleep in the hall of Aubrey's camp.

As I put Beca down the seat, she was asleep. She's dripping, but still asleep.

How can that be? I don't know if she's hurt because her mom lied or because she and Jesse can't be together.

She still loves Jesse. I do have a chance now, but I'll surely be a rebound. Just a rebound, so why bother? When you're just used to get over something.

I walked towards a window. I looked outside to watch the rain fall.

I went back to Beca, covered her with a blanket and stared at her. does she really love me?


"Chloe!!! Wake up! We have to go! Fat Amy needs to get her man or something. She's going to kill us" I opened my eyes and saw Beca. Here we go again.

"Beca, we need to talk." I want this done. I'm tired.

"Okay, before you say anything. No I don't love Jesse." Is she reading my mind or something? That's what I'm about to ask her.

"You don't love him? Then why were you crying."

"It hurts to know that my life is full of lies. It hurts that my mom lied. It hurts that I can't be with Jess-"

"See you lo-"

"No I don't. I thought I did but no. Knowing that his my brother didn't make me as sad as knowing that we can't be together."

"We ta-"

"Look, Chloe you're going to say that we can't be together and other shit, but please give me a chance. I have been loving you for 3 years."

3 years? She's with Jesse for 3 years.

"3 years? Then who is Jesse in that 3 years."

"Jesse is just an e-"

"Guys! What's taking you so so so long! Bumper might leave for his shift already!"

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