Chapter 2: Revelation

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"Alright! Everyone get dressed now. We're going somewhere." Breaking the awkwardness between Beca and I

Everyone just looked at me, confused. Except Emily, for a freshman it's amazing she knows what's happening.

"We're going somewhere." I repeated.

Everyone stood up from their chairs and went to their rooms. I sat there for a moment trying to remember what happened last night.

"Are you okay?" Someone from my back asked.

I'm surprised someone noticed. I mean I'm always the happy one. I always try my best to act fine, so no one will notice.

"Looks like something's bothering you. What is it? but if you don't want to tell me it's totally fine."

I turned around and saw Emily. I chuckled, "Yeah, I'm fine." I smiled.

"My head just hurts." Hoping she would buy that. And she did! She smiled at me and nodded.

I always wanted to tell someone that I'm not okay, but to be honest, I don't think Emily's the right person. I really wish Aubrey is here.


"Remind me again why we are in a car show?" Flo asked once again.

"We have one reason and one reason only. To scout the competition." Is the only thing I said. All I see is one big shot that should have been ours, but stolen.

"It would totally help us win the world's if we know who we're up against" Emily said after my response. She do know what's happening. Which is actually kinda cool.

"Alright, now where are those tour thieves?!" I hissed.

We then entered the area we were suppose to perform on. Now I'm really mad! "What the?! These should have been all ours! I hate those Germans!" I didn't care who would hear me this time. I'm at this place as an audience. Not a performer.

Then there, the Germans are starting. Their name's Das Sound Machines. Okay, DSM you made my jaw drop, but I'm still mad at you.

Cynthia rose started talking, I couldn't listen to anything else. I'm totally speachless. They're right, DSM is a tough competitor. I may not know how we're going to win, but we will.

"Do we clap?" Someone asked.

"We don't."

"We don't?"

Okay, duh, we started clapping already. "We already clapped." I said.

"Yeah you should." Komissar, the tall German lady said.

I don't know why but we did clap after she commanded us to.

She then approached as and looked at us like we're nothing.


"Okay, not because you're making me sexually confused, you're intimidating." There it is. Beca likes Komissar. I tried to stop her because she's just complimenting.

"We have nothing to lose." "Okay" tried to stop her again.

"We literally have nothing. Aca-wiedersehen, bitches" what did she just say? I don't know if that's German or something, but I didn't care. Beca likes Komissar. Why?

I tried to say something, but I have nothing to say. "What is happening I'm using my hand so much" held her shoulder, but still have nothing to say.

I didn't know what to say. Komissar was stuck in my head. I mean Beca likes her.

That was the last thing Beca said in the fight between us and DSM. She made good comebacks at first but ended up complimenting Komissar.

Now, she likes Komissar, has a boyfriend. Where is my chance? Oh wait, what chance am I talking about.

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