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Anything for You by shipsbrittana
Anything for Youby αвву
As a fresh out of college twenty something, Brittany S. Pierce takes a job working at Cover Magazine to spice up her resume. Little does she know that her boss is the ha...
Klaine One Shots by blaineydayss
Klaine One Shotsby blaineydayss
Hey guys, this is my one-shot book as you can tell by the title. It has quite a few chapters but don't get scared off by that!😂 I'm just providing the klainers with stu...
Eye of the Beholder [Completed] by mollysbooknook
Eye of the Beholder [Completed]by Molly
Karrington Walker is the sister of the infamous Brittany Walker. Brittany gets whatever she wants. Karrington works for what she has. Brittany has a gorgeous fiancé, Sam...
The Girl Next Door by unholymo
The Girl Next Doorby unholymo
*Complete* Santana's Junior year gets more exciting when the new girl moves in next door. Brittana story with a side of Faberry towards the end. Highest rankings: #1 B...
The singing photographer (glee fanfic) by littlez78aka
The singing photographer (glee Little z Girl
Peyton Darts. Is a angry fighter girl but her best is taking photos and singing quietly to herself as she takes pictures for her high-school yearbook as well as her own...
glee preferences [& imagines] by blodreinaswife
glee preferences [& imagines]by <3
glee preferences + some imagines [ girl x girl ]
The Alpha's Unwanted Son by pepsi4freaks
The Alpha's Unwanted Sonby Sam :)
When 19 year-old Casey Reid, Alpha Luke Greyback's mate finds out she's pregnant with his baby she is forced to give up the baby as soon as it's born leaving it unknown...
A Love Like Infinity by it_always_rains_
A Love Like Infinityby Meagan
Santana and Brittany have been friends for all their lives. As they got older Santana pushed away her feelings because those feelings weren't normal things that best fri...
An Angel In My Midst by mybrittanaheart
An Angel In My Midstby mybrittanaheart
Santana is staying at the Fabray's while her parents are on vacation. after church, she meets a girl that she can only describe as an angel. Fighting her 'condition', Sa...
Something I wasn't Looking For (GXG) by Paramore08
Something I wasn't Looking For ( Paramore08
WARNING THERE IS SEXUAL CONTENT Jackie is 23 years old going on 24 Bisexual and has been in a relationships ever since she was 13 years old. After she ends a relatio...
Brittana -the beginning by bluebicorns
Brittana -the beginningby bluebicorns
Have you ever wondered how Brittany and Santana met ? How they felt in love ? Their ups and downs, all fights, love confessions and self discover ? From besties to lover...
The Girl I Fell In Love With by unholymo
The Girl I Fell In Love Withby unholymo
*Complete* Sequel to 'The Girl Next Door'. Set 5 years later, the girls are living together in New York. Side of Faberry.
You Rejected Me Remember (Slow Updates) by HalfCastNinja
You Rejected Me Remember (Slow Milo
Max is your typical shy girl/nerd she was what everyone would call a goody goody good at everything kind of girl. She was bullied at school but she was always forgiving...
Seeing you again  by emilyarcher2023
Seeing you again by emilyarcher2023
After a year since their last performance, the Bellas start texting in their group chat. They're split up all over the United States. Beca in LA recording music with Kha...
Take Me Or Leave Me by whatyoumissonGLEE
Take Me Or Leave Meby whatyoumissonGLEE
Megan Hummel is Kurt's little sister, they are inseparable. They both help each other through each of their problems, Megan helps Kurt with coming out and Kurt helps Meg...
Love From an Angel (Brittana) ✔ by my_gay_moms_brittana
Love From an Angel (Brittana) ✔by Bisexual Bean™
Highest rankings: #886 in lesbian #78 in glee #1 in Brittana She glanced into the water from the boat, only to lose her balance and fall in. She jumped from the boat in...
Never asked to feel your halo (Faberry) by DoritoBoy
Never asked to feel your halo ( 🥰🥰🥰
The thing was, neither of them wanted this- whatever it was, but since when did the universe care about what Rachel or Quinn wanted? Their cards had been dealt the momen...
Complicated by mafakkinsunshine
Complicatedby Klara
Its all about that alvittany Both Alvin's and Brittany's POV about how they are going to ignore their feelings. Contains some dirty parts, but remember that they are tee...
Just Realize by Lost_Unicorn
Just Realizeby Lost_Unicorn
Naya has been loving her best friend, Heather for years now and hates seeing Heather with Taylor, but still can't find the confidence in her to declare her love to her...