Chapter 7: Steer Clear

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I woke up to the feeling of something falling. Leaves are falling in my face.

I tried opening my eyes and the bright light of the sun welcomed me.

I looked around and there's no sign of Beca. Where is she? Why did she leave me sleeping in the middle of no where?

I packed up our things and went straight to our house where I found everyone, except Beca eating.

"Have guys seen Beca?" They just stared at me for a minute like something bad happened.

"Where were the two of you?" Fat Amy asked.

"We just went camping."

"Just camping, huh? Just camping." Stacie smirked.

"Just camping." I rolled my eyes.

I didn't join them since I'm really worried where Beca is.

I went to my room to get my phone and there's a message.

See you at today's rehearsals! Sorry for leaving you I had to go somewhere.

Well, thank god she sent me a message, but I really wish she woke me up so I can go back to our house.


"Do what they do, just better." Beca said.

I don't know if it's just me or Beca is really ignoring me. Every time she sees me coming she would go to another side of this room and do something else. Every time I talked in the discussion a while ago she would turn around. She doesn't even make eye contact.

"...could you give me some pointers." I heard Emily talking to Beca. This is my chance to talk to her.

"Don't forget the arrangement. We need that for our choreography." I said. I was suppose to ask why she's ignoring me, but I chose not to.

I remembered she said that Amy was the other person who wasn't drunk that night. I have to connect this things to know what's going on. I have to start from the top, that night.

I ran to catch up with Amy, "Amy! Fat Amy!"

She then stopped to wait for me.

"Do want me to buy you lunch?" I asked hoping she would say yes.

"You mean free lunch? Oh yeah!"

We went to the nearest McDonald's and ordered our favorite burgers.

"Amy, can I ask you a question?" I asked.

"If it's about math or the economy, no"

"You weren't drunk in our last party, right?"

"I wasn't! Why?"

"What happened that night?"

"You don't remember? You were so drunk that you puked on Beca. You told her that you-" she stopped then looked at me.

"U-uhm, y-you j-just puked at her." She said with her voice shaking.

"What happened that night?" What did I tell Beca? What did I do to her?

"You know you can always ask Beca." Fat Amy smiled a fake one.

"She doesn't want to tell me. Why do you think I'm asking you. What did I tell her, Amy?"

"Okay, Chloe. As much as I want to tell you I can't."

"Why not?" I glared at her.

She looked at her watch, "oh look at the time. I have to go, my next class will, start in a minute. Thanks for the lunch." She left me there without my approval.

What happened that night?


I went home after my classes. Still no sign of Beca. Where is she?

I decided to go to the oak tree to just check if she's there.

She's not there, but I wanted to look at our names. The only problem is I can't climb this tree alone.

I just went back to our house.

"Chloe! We should totally sleep together with the bellas!" Stacie said.

Everyone brought their own pillows and started laying down. We were all silent. We're either doing our homework or surfing the Internet.

"Chloe, do you like Beca?" Fat Amy whispered. Nope I don't. I love her.

"As a friend? Of course!" I smiled at her.

"Nope. Like you like her like her." Amy answered laughing.

"Friends!!" I said while hitting her with my pillow.

"Oh you did not just hit me with a pillow." Amy said while hitting me.

Everyone joined and we had 90's style sleepover. It's true that pillow fights are stress relievers.

I saw Beca come in, "What am I looking at?" Beca said with a big smile.

"You know this sets women back like thirty years." Beca winked.

"Just to relieve stress." I said winking back at her.

She showed us a fancy mail. We were invited to some kind of a party.

Lily said something that no one heard as usual. They went back to their pillow fight, while I watched Beca going in her room.

I saw her going out again. To the direction of the oak tree. I followed her there and saw her sitting on the same branch we sat on.

"Hey, tiny what's the problem?"

"Nothing. I'm just happy." She smiled at me.

She helped me up the tree and I sat beside her. We just stared at the stars for a moment. No conversation. Until it was time to go to the party.

"We have to go." I said. She smiled at me and went down. I followed her. Thank god she's not ignoring me anymore.


"I know all the songs in the radio, right?" Beca asked, worried.

I'm usually the one asking for assurance. Now, it's her. I nodded and smiled at her as I watch her calm down.

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