Chapter 10: A New Day

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I heard someone talking, but I can't understand what he or she is saying. "Chloe! Chloe! Chloe!" I finally understood and I know it's Beca talking.

I tried opening my eyes and I saw Beca on top of me. "Finally, you're awake!"

I knew it. She doesn't remember, and I'm sure she doesn't because Beca is a transparent kind of person. She can never act. If she knew something happened last night she's suppose to shut me out by now.

"Huh? What happened?" I pretended.

"That's the question i was suppose to ask you! I can't remember what happened last night." Beca said.

"What I remember you just rant about Jesse then fell asleep." I told her with my eyes close. My head's aching again.

"Oh my god! Really? I'm so sorry you had to deal with me. I remembered you rejected the drink i offered you, why do you look like that?" Beca said. Now I have to make a story up.

"You begged me to, when you were drunk. Then I used all the cigarettes up because you looked really intimidated everytime I smoke without coughing." I smiled.

She started laughing. "Looks like drunk Beca can command you!"

"We better go back to our house. What time is it?" Beca said grabbing my wounded hand.

"What happened? This looks bad! Let's go now!" She helped me up.

"What happened?" She said with a concerned voice.

"You got drunk on top of the tree, so I had to carry you down."

"I'm so sorry!"

We're back to the "too nice" Beca. Now I know she likes me too or maybe not, but either way she can't remember what happened last night.

We went to the nearest clinic in the campus and I didn't realize how bad my injury was until they put so many bandages on it.

I went out of the clinic and saw Beca. "Are you okay now?" She asked. I nodded and smiled.

I pulled her hand and ran outside with a grin in my face. I guess I'm happy she feels the same for me. I looked back and saw her blush, which is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

I wanted to make most of the moment. She still has a boyfriend, so I can't be with her. We can still be the best of friends, right? Look at the bright side, atleast we won't break up.

We ran up to our house and Beca started to panic when she saw the time. "Uhm, I have to go somewhere!"

She immediately showered and put on cloths. She hugged me, "Thanks for taking care of drunk Beca." Then ran to the get a taxi.

Where is she going again? She's always gone like she's working or something.

The telephone rang and I'm the only one her at the moment.

"Hello?" I answered

"Hi is this one of the members of Barden Bellas?" He asked. He sounded like an old man.

"Yes, sir this is Chloe Beale."

"Oh! You're the ginger right? We wanted to know if it's okay for the Bellas to perform. I'll email you the event and location."

"Yes, I'm the ginger and we look forward to perform in your event."

I looked at the time again and it's an hour before my first class so I prepared myself.


I'm on my way to our house and God, I have lots of things to do. I haven't decided if I'm going to graduate this year, but I sure need to do these homeworks.

I went to check if Beca's home already, but she isn't. I went to my room and did my homework.

I finished it, Christ I think my brain's going to explode. I went down to get some pizza or something.

I saw Cynthia Rose eating pizza. "Hey give me some of that!" I said smiling

"Yeah, sure." She said handing me a slice.

"Is Beca there already?" I asked, maybe she is.

"Yeah, both Beca and Amy went to their room already."

After eating pizza I went to Beca's room to tell her about the invitation. She has to start preparing for it.

I was suppose to knock when I heard her screaming, "I don't want your butt confidence." I found myself smiling. I don't want to disturb Amy and her with their little bonding, so I headed to my room instead.


"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" That alarm again.

At last! Stacie turned it off herself. I opened my eyes and it's 11:20 already! My class stars in ten minutes.

I rushed to the shower, curled my hair, put light make up and got dressed.

I went out running towards the door then I heard music from Beca's room. She's here. I went inside, "Hey Beca! We have a gig tomorrow. Just so you know! Bye!" I heard a laugh as I went out.


"Hey Chloe! I missed you so much!" That beautiful voice again. Maybe it's just from my phone, but it still nice to here this voice again.

"Aubrey!!! I've missed you so much! I have so many stories to tell you, but I think you're busy."

"I am but someday I'll hear those stories! Save them! I have to set the tent for my costumers now. I have to go just wanted to hear your voice again."

I found myself smiling. "Also, Chloe, if you need to have a retreat. I'm right here!" She said ending the call.

I heard a knock. It opened and I saw Beca. "Mind coming with me?"


"The usual." She smirked.

"What kind of stupidity are you planning to do next?"

"Oh, nothing. I just have a surprise even though I hate surprises."

I felt a rush of excitement in me. "I love surprises!"

She smiled really big which is very unusual, but a good thing. "Woah, who knew your face can stretch." She laughed. She's really happy. I'm also happy for her.

She went inside my room, "Come on!" She said pulling me outside. I haven't even put on a sweater. It's going to be a cold night.

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