Chapter 16: Misdemeanor

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She said she loves me now she's going to take revenge? For what? For saying no?

What does she think? That I'm going to say 'yes' when she torture me or something? Fuck no.

Ugh! My mind's messed up once again. Thanks to Beca.

I can't understand. She said, 'I love you' then 'actions speak louder than words'

It means she's going to love me or something, right? Why is she mean to me?!

We arrived our Barden and damn. Beca gave me a hand, trying to help me up. Was I over reacting? Maybe she was just teasing me and I took it seriously.

I accepted her help and held her hand. Smiled at her then she suddenly let go of my hand causing me to lose balance.

Fuck! Fuck you, Beca Mitchell!

Shit, why is she doing all this?

I got to my feet, pushed her away and went out of this stupid bus.

"Chloe!" I heard Beca call out from behind.

"I was just kidding."

"Kidding? You think that's funny. Ha ha ha. Beca you're so funny."

She sighed and stopped. I continued walking

Chloe, don't look back. No, shit. Ah fuck, what am I even doing.

I looked back and she wasn't there.

It's clear to me now. She won't even exert an effort in apologizing.

I went directly to our house, into my room. Packed some of my books, went to the school grounds and just sat there, reading.

"Uhm, Chloe Beale right?" Someone said.

"Yes." I looked up and saw a tall handsome boy. Oh my god, he's cute.

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Dylan. Dylan Brown." He gave me his hand signaling me to shake it or I don't know.

"Hi, Dylan!" I shook his hand and gave him a big smile. He smiled back, oh my god this boy is. Is I ju- don- he's just.

"Mind if I sit down?" He asked

"Y-yeah." Chloe, chill.

"S-So how do you know my name?" I asked him.

"You're kinda popular."

"What? How?"

"You're a super senior, from the Bellas and to be honest you're cute."

Cute? Did he just call me cute?

"U-uh o-okay." Chloe, put all your shit together, please.

"You're actually so cool."

Now cool. I looked down letting my hair fall down covering my face, hoping he won't see me blushing.

I looked at my watch and it's almost 2:55 pm. Rehearsals starts in 5 minutes.

"Dylan, I'm sorry. I have to go."

"Oh sorry if I'm bothering you or I'm annoying."

"No, you're not i actually like being with you. Do you want to walk with me?"

"Really? Uh, yeah! Sure!"

We walked together, talking about random stuff and I can say, I'm happy with him.

"Thanks for walking with me." I chuckled.

"No problem. So I'll see you tomorrow, then?" Dylan said smiling. He's bright green eyes locked to my blue's. His sexy lips starts to smirk. One of his hands inside his pocket and the other running through his brunette spiky hair. That hair. A hair that looks like...


Shit. This is a different guy but I still see Beca. Now, I know. I love Beca. Should I push him away?

No, Chloe. Don't waste your chance, your time, your heart. Give him a chance.

My mind's talking to itself again.

"Yeah." I smiled.

I watch the smile on his face grow as he walked away backwards. Staring at me. Until he turned his back and there I saw Beca looking at me.

"Oh you're Beca Mitchell right? Hello, your friend here is amazing!"

"No, she's not." Beca said still staring at me.

"What do you mean?" Dylan please stop.

Now she hates me.

"She's more than amazing. She's perfect."



How can you say I'm perfect when I'm hurting your feelings?

She's seems so sad.

Chloe. What. have. you. done.

It's okay right? Because if she's planning a revenge I already have both defense and offense.

And I just attacked her at this very moment.

She walked towards me. Tried her best to crack a smile.

"Hey Chloe." Her voice broke as she said that.

Looks like I don't know how to handle a gun. I did shoot her, but why do I feel the pain too?

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