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"I LOVE YOU, WILL YOU ANSWER ME PLEASE?!" I shouted again. Chloe's just staring at me.

I was wrong once again I shouldn't have told her. Just forget what happened.

Then I heard her say something. Is this it?!

"I- Beca, I-"

"Beca! What are you doing?!" I heard someone say.

Shit how long have I been thinking about that?! I must looked really stupid staring at nothing.

"Uh- what am I doing?"

"You're not moving like you're thinking about something and I know you're not drunk."

It's true I'm not.

"You should go back inside we just won the world's why don't you celebrate."

"Uh- I like it here."

"Wait for me I'll go up there."

She went up the tree and sat beside me.

"Now, tell me, what are you thinking about."

"I- uh. I'm thinking about the day yo-"

"Oh my god no. I was such a bitch."

"No, Chloe. You weren't. And if that didn't happen I wouldn't be here with you."

We were leaning forward. Then she looked away.

"What happened again?" She's such a tease.

"You were such a bitch and you're still a bitch"

She chuckled.

"You said I love you, bitch."

"Tell me the whole story." She smirked.

"I asked if you love me too. Then you stutter at saying I love you. I grabbed you and let our lips touch. You were beautiful and your lips are so soft. Just so you know none of us were drunk. Then you pulled away and said those three beautiful words."

Chloe started crying.

"Oh my god you're such a cry baby. Why are you crying?!" I put my arms around her.

"It's just amazing how we're here right now. After three years of pain and hatred. It was all worth it. Now, I'm sure you're mine and I'm yours."

"I do have a question" She said.

"Your name's Beca, how did your initial become 'D'?"

"It's DJ, you lil shit." I laughed. "Okay now, tell me. Out of all these beautiful stars, why can't you pick a favorite?"

"Nothing stars are like things out of your reach. They're a distraction. You see them but they don't know you exist. They're getting your attention, so you forget about the moon. Who's been there the whole time."

Oh my god this person is so deep.

"You're so deep and corny."

"And you like that." She winked.

"What am I to you?"

"You're Beca. No matter what happened to me last three years i still love Beca."

"I love you too, Chloe."

I then let our lips touch. She's so beautiful. I love her so much.

The end

A/N: thank you so so much for reading my first fanfic you guys are amazing. Hope you'll read the next one I'm working on. xx

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