Harry falls off stage

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Louis POV.

We had just started better than words when I looked over to see Harry spinning around. I smiled at him he can be so childish sometimes. Just as I took my glance of him I saw him fall of stage out of the corner of my eye. I gasped and me and the other boys ran over to him. I started tearing up when I realized that he blacked out. Liam being daddy direction bent down to look at him.

"He's bleeding and his breathing is really shallow , Niall call 911"

I started crying and I squated down by his face and started to stroke his hair. All the fans were freaking out but security took care of them.

When the paramedics came they started sticking needles in him and all this medical stuff. They put him on a stretcher and started to wheel him away. I tried to follow but Niall held me back. He pulled me into his chest and calmed me down.

"Its ok Lou, he's gonna be fine he's a strong man. We can go see him yea?"

I nodded my head and Niall guided me out to the van. Liam had rode in the ambulance with him so me, Niall, and Paul all took the van.

I was a crying mess all the way to the hospital. Once we got there I rushed in to go find him.

We got to the waiting room and I saw liam sitting down with a few tears in his eyes. I rushed over to him and sat by him.

"Where's Harry, is he ok, what'd they do with him"

"Shh Lou he's ok the doctor said he has a concussion and he should be awake soon"

I nodded and sat anxiously waiting till we could go back.

A doctor walked over to us and said a few things to Paul who nodded and looked at me.

"He's awake Lou you can go see him"

I rushed to follow the doctor. Once we got there I walked in the door and saw him laying there with a bandage wrapped around his head and his face was pale and he looked so sick and tired.

I rushed over to the bed and grabbed his hand. Once he opened his eyes and saw me he smiled.

"Oh haz I'm so sorry this happened to you"

"Its ok Lou, I'm fine see, there's no need to cry"

"I know but you scared me haz , I thought you were dead or something"

"I'm here Lou its ok, do you want to lay with me"

I nodded my head and he scooted(is that how you spell it lol?) over some then I crawled in by him. I wrapped my arm around his stomach and put my head on his chest.

"I love you Harry "

"I love you to Lou"

He kissed my head and I smiled.
I grabbed his hand and started to run my fingers over his knuckles. I kissed each one softly and then put our intertwined hands on his chest.

"How do you feel"

"It hurts a little but not to bad, of course they have me on medication so that probably has an effect on it"

"When do you think they'll let you out"

"They said tonight or tomorrow morning"


A few minuets later the rest of the boys came in to see Harry The doctor came in after that and told harry he was alright to go home as long as he rested and didn't do to much. He could do that as long as i was with him he'd be alright.

This probably really sucks but...... I tried, and I'll have more of yalls request coming soon!!!!

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