Louis sick at parents

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Louis POV.



I heard someone call my name and slowly opened my eyes. Harry was leaning over me dressed and ready to go somewhere. He lent down and kissed me but then pulled away and frowned. He placed his hand on my head.

"Are you ok louis you feel hot"

"No I feel fine must just be the room"

He nodded his head so I suppose he believed me. The truth was I had a bit of a stomach ache but we had to go to my parents house and I didn't want to ruin it.

"OK well get up and get ready we have to leave soon"


I got up after harry left and went over to pull on some sweats and a long sleeve shirt cause I was freezing. After that I walked to the bathroom and wasn't suprized about my look. My face was paler than usual and I could tell I had a feaver due to the sweat on my face. I quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth. I headed downstairs after grabbing my phone and a pair of vans hoping harry wouldn't get  suspicious.

I got downstairs and harry was sitting down eating a plate of eggs and ham. I tried not to get sick from the smell cause it was causing my stomach to turn.

"You want something to eat lou?"

"No I'm not hungry"

I could not think about food at all right now if I did it woulve sent me to the bathroom. I decided to go sit on the couch and wait for haz to get done. A few minutes later he came over to me and sat down.

"You sure your alright your looking quite pale"

"I'm fine just a small stomach ache I'll be fine"

"Louis are you sure we can stay home if your not feeling up to it"

"No we need to go I'll be fine"

He just looked at me for a while until he nodded his head.

"Alright but tell me if you start feeling worse let's go"

I nodded in response and then he got up and held his hands out which I took gratefully. I walked out to the car and got into the passengers side not willing to drive. Harry came out after locking the door and got in the drivers side.

"You sure you wanna go"

"Yes I have to if I start to feel worse I'll just go lay down somewhere"


With that he started the car and drove off. I could tell he was trying to slow down around the curves and bumps. Which helped a little but it was still a bit disturbing to my stomach. A few momenta later we pulled up into my parents driveway. Harry and I got out and as we were walking up harry placed his arm around me. We stood at the front door and harry knocked on it. And a few seconds later my mom shows up.

"Harry, Louis good to see you come on in"

We walk in and I get hit by something I look down and my little sister is wrapped around my legs. Since it wouldn't be good to throw up on her I swallow it back down and hug her back. Next my mom comes over to me after hugging harry who is now swarmed with my sisters.

"Louis are you alright your looking kinda pale"

"Hmm oh I'm fine just a bit of a stomach ache"

I decided I better not hide it from my mom cause shed find out eventually.

"Honey why'd you come then"

"I didn't want to upset y'all"

"Awe louis you didn't have to do that"

She then proceeded and hugged me but pulled away. Her hand traveled up to my head and she frowned.

"I don't know louis you feel a bit to warm"

"I'm fine mum I promise it's just a stomach ache"

She looked me in the eyes for a second then nodded.

"Okay but please tell me if it gets worse"

I nodded my head then walked over to harry who was talking to my sisters. He stopped when he saw me.

"You ok boo?"

I just shrugged my shoulders suddenly feeling worse. Like I was about to throw up any second.

He got up and walked over to me.

"What's wrong"

I couldn't hold it any longer.

"Can we go to the bathroom"

"Of course"

He the grabed my shoulders and led me to the bathroom where he got in and locked the door. I walked over to the toilet and sat down leaning on the bathtub.

"You ok lou"

This time I shook my head. I felt terrible I could barely even hold my own head up. And I felt the sick rising my throat. I started to whimper and my face must've shown what was coming because harry grabbed my hips and helped me get over the toilet. That's when I lost everything from the past meals I've eaten. It was about a few minutes before I was done and I could barely keep my eyes open.

I let out a whimper and harry picked me up.

"Shh your ok lou I got you"

I felt him unlock the door and I heard him talking to my mom when he started to carry me somewhere. Then I was sat down on a bed. And I opened my eyes and Harry was there brushing my hair back.

"Your moms gonna come see what's wrong boo"

I nodded my head and was drifting off when I felt the weight shift on the bed. I opened my eyes again and my mom was hovering over me.

"Can you open your mouth Louis"

I opened my mouth and cold metal soon hit my tounge. My eyes were shutting again when the beeping went off and the thermometer was removed. I heard someone take a sigh and then my mom and harry were talking bit I didn't know what about because I fell asleep.

Harrys POV.

"103.6" louis mom said

Dang my baby was sick.

"Do you know what's been bothering him"

"No he woke up this morning pale and warm but he said it was only a stomach ache"

She nodded her head in response.

A few hours went by of me taking to jay and louis sisters when louis appeared in the doorway. I jumped up immidiatly and rushed over to him.

"Louis how are you feeling "

He stood there rubbing his eyes in and adorable way.

"Better than I did before"

At that momet jay came in and asked louis to open His moth so she could take his temperature again. He laened on me and when it beeped jay smiled .

"100.1 that's a lot better than what it was so all you needed was a little sleep does your stomach still hurt"

Louis nodded.

"Alright well come over here and lay down on the couch so I can see what's wrong."

I walked Louis over then easily layed him down. Jay walked over and pulled up his shirt so his stomach was exposed. She told him to say something when it hurt. She started to press down on different parts of Louis stomach and he didn't make a sound until she got below his belly button.

She pressed a little harder on the spot.

"Right there"

Louis whimpered and nodded his head. "Alright well its nothing serious but you are sick so you can either go home or stay here whatever you want"

"Wanna go home"


After godbyes and get betters I picked Louis up and loaded him into the car then headed home. After a few days louis was back to normal.

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