Louis (request)

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Liam's. POV.

We all saw the offensive tweet. It was really bad to. Louis has been acting strange since it came out. I gathered all the boys up except louis.

"Boys I think louis was the one who sent that tweet, he's been acting weird ever since"

Z- "yea I think it was him to"


We all walked over to louis and stood in front of him.



"We know you were the one who sent out that tweet"

"What tweet"

"Don't act like you don't know what were talking about, we all know it was you"

"I didn't do anything"

"Whatever you say louis but were really mad at you for doing that"

Louis pov.

I had been feeling terrible the past week and I know I was getting stressed to much. I had a fever and I know its rising. I need to tell someone but they won't believe me now. I went to my bunk and started to cry cause they wouldn't believe me. I heard a knock on my door.

"C-come in"

Harry walked in with a worried look on his face.

"Hey boo you ok?"

I shook my head and ran to him and cried in his chest.

"Shhhh what's wrong?"

"Y-you don't believe me a-and I haven't felt good this week a-and now you hate me cause you think that I sent the tweet"

I started to feel extremely dizzy after that. I felt like I was about to pass out. The last thing I remember was Harry holding me and yelling my name, then everything went black.

Harry's pov.

He started to fall but I caught him before he hit the ground. I layed him in my lap on the bed and gently slapped his face. That's when I realized he was burning up. I pressed my hand to his head and gasped.


He soon can stunning in and rushed over to us.

"What's wrong"

"He passed out and I think he has a really high fever, get a thermometer and call an ambulance"


He comes back soon and says there on there way and I stick the thermometer in his mouth.

It beeps a little while later and I gasp.

"Liam its 104.7 that's not good!!!!!"

"Shhhh stay calm I don't need you passing out either"

Just then there was a knock on the door and Niall walked in with the paramedics. They walked over to us and Zayn followed behind.

"What happened here"

"Well I walked in the room and he started crying and talking fast and then he was hyperventilating and I tried to calm him but then he passed out, and he has a high fever"

"Alright (cheaks his pulse and temp) we need to get him to the hospital"

"O-ok, is it serious"

"Hard to tell probably not though"


I let the paramedics take louis and bring him in the ambulance then I get in with them. We were close to the hospital when louis started to move around. I took his hand and stroked the top of it with my thumb. A few minutes later he finally came around.

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