Louis anerexia

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Louis POV.

It all started when this one fan called me fat and ugly. It was like it was trending now and I couldn't forget about it. Nobody else knew but I haven't been eating very much the past couple of days. Eating a little in the morning and skipping lunch and dinner then maybe a little something before I go to sleep. It had gotten so bad to where I started getting sick. I knew I couldn't hide it for much longer because the boys were already giving me worried glances every time I declined food.

It was around dinner time and the boys had decided go go out for dinner. I had tried to convince them that I had work to do but they made me come. When we got there we sat down and a waitress came up to us.

"Hello guys what can I get for you to drink"

All the boys ordered drinks and I ordered water. They looked at me but just brushed it off. She brought us our drinks and it was time to order food.

"Ok now what can I get y'all to eat"

They all ordered then when she got to me and I looked at her and said,

"I'm not getting anything"

Harry leaned over and whispered in my ear

"You sure boo you haven't been eating lately a lot"

"Just not hungry"

(Sighs) "ok"

Once she walked off all the boys looked at me.

"Are you ok lou you usually love this restraunt"

"Yea just not hungry"


Once she brought the food I sta there and sipped on my date while the boys ate. They kept offering me some of there meal but I couldn't eat it or else I would get sick.

After all the boys were done we drove back to the hotel and said our goodbyes and headed to our separate room. Me and Harry shared And then Liam, Niall, and Zayn all shared. We got to our room and I changed into some sweats and a T-shirt then crawled in bed. Harry came in soon after and layed beside me.

"You ok boo"


"Are you sure cause you seem sick or something"

"I'm fine"


Harry snaked his arm around my waist and I almost pushed it off. I was fat I didn't want him to think that I'm a little fatty.

"Lou you need to eat I can feel your hip bones and there not so pose to be out this far"

I couldn't take it anymore I had to let it out so I started crying. Harry soon noticed and he rushed to wipe the tears away with his thumb.

"Louis baby what's wrong"

"T-the fans, t-they said I was f-fat and ugly"

"Oh baby" he wraps his arms around me and pulled me into his chest and ran his fingers through my hair.

"Don't listen to them alright, your beautiful and never forget that ok"

I nodded my head and he continued to rub my back until I stopped crying.

"Now im gonna help you to get back to where we were before yeah?"

I nodded my head then fell asleep in Harry's arms.

Sorry for the wait I have a lot of things I have to take care of now so I can't update all the time. Y'all have to be patient with me. Hope you enjoy!!!

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