Louis hurt part.2

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Louis POV.

I heard people talking, it was very distant. I rolled over but soon regretted it because pain shot through my body. I let out a whimper and opened my eyes. Soon the boys were crowding around me. Harry was running his hands through my hair and stroking my arm.

"Louis baby what happened to you out there"

I thought for a minute and then remembered.

"I walked out with you guys and then this person grabed me and ran back into this alley. I tried screaming but he just kept punching me, then he got out a knife and stabbed my side, harry I thought I was gonna die"

I then started crying but harry was there so it soon died out.

"Louis baby can you tell me where he hurt you"

Even though I knew he already saw due to my clothes being off I told him where the pain was.

"My right side and all over my chest and stomach, and my face"

He just nodded his head and then Paul came in with our doctor.

"Louis he's just gonna make sure you didn't break anything alright"

I nodded my head then the boys moved away except for harry who stayed and held my hand.

The doctor pulled back the blanket and frowned. He started with my rib cage which was quite painful. He placed his hand on top of it and started to very gently press down. Since there were bruises there it made me cry out in pain. But he had to do it so he just told harry to keep me as calm as possible.

Once he was done with my ribs he said none were broken just some serious bruising.  He continued with my stomach and such. Then after he chaeked my face he moved down to look at the cut on my side. I haven't even seen it but I know its proboly bad by the way he was looking at it. He got a rag and poured this stuff on it.

"Now louis this is gonna sting quite a bit but I don't want you to move to much so if I could get one of you boys to hold down his legs and harry keep him calm and hold his hands"

Once the doctor thought I wasnt going any where he counted to three and then pressed the rag to my side. I stung so bad I thought I was gonna die. I tried to move but soon realized I couldn't so I was just left there held down whimpering as harry rubbed his hand in my hair and my arm. The stinging soon died down and liam got off my legs. The doctor then put cotton on the cut and told harry to help me sit up for a minute. He had me sitting up and he was wrapping my cut with bandages. Once that was done he layed me back down. He handed me these pills to take and said I would proboly fall asleep soon then he talked to pual before leaving. I was drifting off just as he came back in and told the boys to go in the other room. I fell asleep right after they left.

A few weeks later I was all healed but there was a scar left on my right side.

I couldve never made it without Harry

So that was the end.....kinda not good but I was tired so....yea

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