Harry sick

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Harry's POV.

It all started after the preformence, I could already feel the headache worsining and I seemed to have a cough that wouldn't go away. Along with a sore throat I could tell I was getting sick. Great this is just what I needed it was bad enough we had two concerts today and tomorrow we've got loads more things to do. As soon as we got on the van I layed my head on the window and I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up I was on a bed. I sat up with a worse headache. Rubbing my eyes and looking around. We were in a hotel and my stuff was by louis and I smiled. Thank god he was sleeping with me. I think I would die if they moved him somewhere else. I stood up and held on to the door to keep from falling over. I walked down to where I heard the boys all talking and walked in.

"Well there's the sleeping beauty"

"Very funny niall"

My voice sounded a bit different proboly due to the way my throat was burning.

I walked over to Louis who was sitting on the couch and layed down with my head in his lap and closed my eyes again. He hand made its way up to my head and started gently stroking my curls.

"You feeling ok baby"

I just shrugged my shoulders and closed my eyes. I was drifting off and I was seconds away from being in a deep sleep when I felt two strong arms pick me up. I looked up and saw paul carrying me back to mine and louis room. He sat me down on the bed and left. Then someone came and slid in behind me and threw there arm across me.

"Goodnight haz I love you"

I smiled cause Louis is just the sweetest persons ever.

The next morning I woke up with a horrible pain shooting through my skull. It felt as though it would explode any minute. I rolled over and whimpered. Louis must have noticed because soon he was up and running his hands through my curls

"What's wrong baby"

I whimpered until I felt like talking.

"I have a h--headache"

Well my voice sure didn't get any better.

"Awe baby I'm sorry does anything else bother ya"

"Throat is sore"

"OK baby don't talk a lot I'll go see if you can skip the first couple of things today"

I just nodded my head an waited for louis to come back. He came back in soon with a frown.

"Sorry haz but it looks like the only thing you can skip today is the sound check"

I whimpered because that ment I had to get up and get ready whenever we had to.

"I'm sorry hazza"

He ran his hand up my back and frowned. I proboly had a feaver cause he moved his hand up to my for head then cupped my cheeks.

"I'll be right back your feeling awful hot"

I was drifting off again suddenly feeling very weak. Louis must've came back in cause I soon felt a gentle hand on my shoulder and a thermometer being stuck in my ear. I flinched from the cold touch but Louis just rubbed my arm telling me it was almost done. When it beeped louis took a sigh.

"Harry I really don't think you should go out today your fevers really high imma go talk to Paul and tell him to come see if you need to go out or not"

A few minutes later I could tell they were in the room and they were talking about me.

"I really don't think he needs to go out today his fever is 103.6"

"I know Louis but manegment said if he wasn't throwing up he had to come he doesn't have to do anything I promise I'll just let him lay down or something"

There was a pause before Louis reply.

"OK just come look at him then give him some medicine"

They walked over to me and Paul rolled me over. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't find the energy.

"Harry buddy what's wrong with ya"

I finally opened my eyes and looked up at Paul then closed them again. I just couldn't talk my throat was on fire and I had no energy left.

"Harry" He shook my shoulder and I just whimpered in response.

"Harry can you open your eyes"

I shook my head because no I couldn't anymore.

"Why not"

It took me a while but I finally spit it out.


"Your to tired"

I nodded my head and I was out like a light.

Louis POV.

After Paul said 'Your to tired' harry was out like a light.

"See he can't even keep his eyes open"

"Yea I know its probobly his fever, I'm sorry louis I begged manegment but they said he couldn't stay"

"Please don't make him do anything today"

"Don't worry I won't he can just lay down everywhere we go"

A few minutes later after breakfeast I started to run my hand through his hair then noticed the heat radiating off him. I moved my hand to cup his cheek and frowned. He seemed warmer than he was earlier. I got the thermometer from the side table and stuck it in Harry's ear. A few moments later it beeped and I pulled it out and suddenly gasped. I grabbed my phone and called Paul.

"Paul you have to come here right away Harry's temperature is 104.3 and rising"

"Oh my gosh OK I'm on my way run a tub of cold water"

I did what I was told and then paul came flying in with a bag of ice in his hand. He ran into the bathroom and dumped the ice in it.

"Louis take Harry's clothes off except his boxers"

I nodded my head then went over to harry and carefully but quickly took his clothes off. Paul came over and picked him up then carried him to the bathroom. He slowly set him in the tub and harry suddenly woke up. He looked up at me and started to whimper. He grabbed my arm and started to sit up but I gently pushed him back down.

"Harry your fevers really high you need to stay in here for 10 minutes I'm sorry I know its cold but you have to get better"


"I know baby I'm sorry itll be over soon"

Around like 10 minutes later I got the thermometer again to see if his fever went down to a safe degree.

I was relieved when it was only 102.6 at least it wasn't in the 104s anymore. I told harry I would be right back and that I was going to get a towel for him. I walked back into the bathroom when I had the towel and picked harry up then sat him on the toilet. I handed him the towel.

I helped him dry off and led him to out bedroom so he could get some clothes on.

Part 2 coming up this week be ready give me ideas if you have any thanks for reading this!!!

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