Louis sick but Harry doesn't believe him

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Louis had been walking around for the past hour moaning and complaining about his stomach or his head and It was getting annoying.

"Louis just cut all the crap out and go to bed"

"But my stomach won't stop turning"

"Louis this is enough , clearly your faking now go to bed I'm trying to watch TV."

He got up and slowly walked to his bunk. I sighed and finally got the peace I wanted.

Louis POV.

Harry was being mean and selfish. All he cared about was himself. I really am sick and he's in their complaining telling me to go to my room and cut all the crap out.

Right now I'm laying on the bed truing to find a comfortable position to sleep in. I few minuets later I finally fell asleep.

Harry's pov.

It was already midnight so I decided to head to bed. When I got in there I saw that louis had taken up most of the bed. I rolled him over some and pulled the covers around me. I fell asleep shorty but was woken back up due to louis curling up on me.

I was laying on my back and he rolled over and threw a leg and an arm over me. I noticed he felt surprisingly hot but shook it off due to the amount of covers he was under. I shook him off of me and he made a noise of protest in his sleep. Once I finally had gotten him settled I fell back asleep.

Louis POV.

I woke up way to early, the sun wasn't even up. It was freezing and Harry had taken all the covers so I had to do something.

I felt heat coming from his body and rolled closer to him. He was laying on his back so I pulled the cover s up and got on top of him and wrapped my arms around him.

This was comfortable I thought so I stayed like that until I felt like I was about to throw up. But before I could get up , all my past meals came out of me onto Harry's chest and the bed sheets.

Harry's POV

I was awoken by something liquidy all over my chest. I opened my eyes and gasped at what I saw. Louis was on top of me throwing up his guts and bawling.


I sat up and rubbed his back until he was done then I pulled him into me even. Though I was covered in puke.

"I'm do sorry I didn't believe you baby"

He continued to cry so I carried him to the bathroom and started a bath for us.

Once we were in he started to calm down enough to where I could talk to him.

"You feel alright now?"

"A l-little"

"I'm sorry I didn't believe you . I didn't realize how sick you were"

"Its o-ok"

I kissed his for head and began to wash him. Once we were done I got me and him into some swaets and then it was back to bed.

In the morning he woke up saying he felt a lit better.

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