Sick louis

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Louis POV.

I woke up to my alarm going off and groaned as I rolled over to turn it off. I had a growing headache. I really didn't want to get out of bed but we had tons of stuff to do today and I don't think I can get out of any of it.

I groaned as I sat up and pulled on my sweatpants. I decided to go to the front of the bus in the kitchen. I walked down there and saw a plate of pancakes and a cup of Yorkshire tea. Thank God my throat feels terrible. I started eating when I heard footsteps. Then liam comes over and sits down and starts eating a plate to.

"Morning Lou"

"Morning" I croak out whoa I didn't expect my voice to come out that bad. I cough and try and fix it but that was a bad idea. It led to a giant coughing fit. Liam grabbed a glass of water and began to rub my back until I stopped. I then started to drink the water and it felt nice against my burning throat.

"You OK louis"

I just shrugged my shoulders not wanting my voice to sound terrible again.

He moved his hand to my head and frowned. He then cupped my cheek.

"You feel a bit warm I'll be right back"

I just groaned and placed my head on the table which felt really good and cool. I can feel my headache worsining as the seconds go by. I hear foot steps and a hand on my back.

"Don't move Lou let me take your temperature he then stuck the thing in my ear and rubbed my back. I heard more foot steps coming closer to us and then a low voice which I noticed was harry ask what was going on.

"I think Louis sick" liam said

"Awe my poor baby. What's wrong"

Just then the thermometer went off and I heard someone take a sigh.

"Yep your sick louis can you tell me what's wrong"

I groaned then finally croaked out words.

"Head and throat"

Alright don't talk unless you have to I don't want you to lose your voice unless necesarry.

"You wanna go lay down in my bunk" harry asked

I just nodded my head. Then I felt two strong arms wrap around me and lift me up. I opened my eyes and saw harry smiling down at me. I cuddled into his embrace as he walked back twords his bunk. Niall and zayn passed us and asked what was wrong and harry said to just ask liam.

Harry began to put me down and pull the covers over me then he kissed my head and told me to get better. He started to walk away and I whined.

"What's wrong Lou Lou"

I grabbed his arm and pulled him down twords me.

"Louis baby let me go eat real quick then I can cuddle until its time to get ready OK"

I nodded my head and then wrapped myself in Harry's blanket. I was slowly drifting off when I felt a sharp pain go through my stomach. I started whimpering. Thinking it would go away I didn't think anything of it. But I was wrong it started to get worse. And now it was twisting and turning. I couldn't hold it in any longer so I let out a loud pained cry.

I then heard a lot of footsteps and it seemed like they were running. Harry came in first followed by the other boys. Harry rushed over to me and pulled the covers down off my face.

"Louis what on earth is wrong"

Since I couldn't talk I grabbed his hand and placed it on my stomach where it was hurting.

"Your stomach hurts?"

I nodded my head and whimpered. I grabbed Harry's hand again and began to rub it on my stomach. He then got the picture and began to rub it gently hoping to ease the pain I was in.

"Where does it hurt" he asked

I moved his hand right below my belly button and to the left a little bit.

"Right here" he said and he pressed gently on it.

I whimpered and nodded. The boys all began to tell me to get better and they left me and Harry in the bunk alone.

Harry crawled up in the bed with me. Him being the bigger spoon. I began to doze off again until Paul came back there and told us it was time to go. I was almost asleep and Harry began to shake my shoulder gently. I opened my eyes and harry was standing down above me.

"I'm sorry Lou but we have to get ready manegment won't let you skip"

I just groaned in response. I sat up mabey a little to quickly because the while room was spinning and I felt like a was going to fall over. But luckily for me harry grabbed me untill I was better.

"You OK"

I nodded my head in response.

Harry was already ready so he helped me put on my clothes. The we all made our way out to the van. Paul and liam were upfront then niall and zayn were in the middle.

Which left me and harry in the back. Once we were in I closed my eyes and leaned against harry who had wrapped his arms around me gently stroking my arm. I think I dozed off again because when I woke up I was on the couch in our dressing room. I sat up slowly and regretted waking up I felt worse my head felt like it was about to explode and my throat was burning. Then there was my stomach which wasnt as bad as earlier but it was still turning around. It felt below zero in here I had goose bumps on every part of my body even though I was in sweats and a jacket. Harry walked in the door and imediatly frowned.

"How do you feel Lou"

I shook my head not knowing how to respond. I leaned on harry and closed my eyes again. I felt his hand go up to my head and he cupped my cheek.

"Gosh Lou your really burning up"

I groaned and then began to whimper I just felt so terrible.

"Shh hey what's wrong baby"

Just then my stomach decided to leap. Which sent me throwing up everything I ate in the last 24 hours. It was really burning my throat I started crying once I was done then harry scooped me up and carried me to another room. Liam came in with paul and they gave me some medicine. And told me I could sleep. Harry came back in and cheacked my temperature which he frowned at then he placed a cool rad on my head as I was dozing off he kissed my head.

"I love you baby get better"

And after that I fell asleep I ended up being sick for a whole other day which was terrible but harry was there by my side. After three days my feaver broke and I started getting better.

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