louis (injury)

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Louis POV.

Today was the day that I had my big match at the arena in souh american. I was so exited because harry and the other boys were coming to watch me. I started getting ready and when I was done I got in the van with the other boys and we started to drive to the arena.

Once we got there I went back to the locker room so we could been to stretch while the other boys went to the stands.

Once we were done stretching we went out on the feild and waited to start. We got in our positions and waited for the referee to call. Once the whistle blew we started.

I was going down for a goal, I had the ball, and it was a straight run, I was just about to shoot when all of a sudden. BAM! I was knocked to the ground and a shooting pain with through my right foot.

I screamed out as I rolled over gripping it. My trainer ran out to me and rolled me over. He layed my foot straight our and I screamed out. Out of no where harry came up behind me and I was so glad he was there.

"H-h-harry it h-hurts"

"Shh I know Lou I know it'll be ok your fine shh calm down baby"

Soon two medics were surrounding me and there were a lot of people around me. I started to feel light headed. Harry must've noticed me slipping out because he was yelling at me.

"Louis!! Lou baby no stay with me lou"

"To many p-people"

"I'm sorry, hey can y'all back up he's getting claustrophobic"

I was glad when they had finally got back. One of the medics bent down and got my arm and picked up a needle, I started to panic.

"H-harry no please no"

I started crying and tried to tug my arm away.

"Shh baby its on itll help the pain go away shh its ok its ok"

Harry held my arm down and ran his fingers through my hair with the other. The medic had just stabbed me with the needle and harry bent down and kissed my head.

"See baby that wasn't that bad"

After that another medic came over with a stretcher and they loaded me onto it.  At one point they had wrapped my ankle up. They loaded me in an ambulance and I began to feel tired. I was slowly drifting off when harry shook me.

"Stay awake lou don't go to sleep"


"I know but they said don't go to sleep"

I suffered through the rest of the ride trying to keep my eyes open. Finally we made it to the hospital and I was brought into a room where they had to x-ray my foot. After that we went to a room and I was put in a bed. A doctor can and talked to Harry.

"Ok so it looks like its just a fracture, he will have to be in a cast for 4 weeks then moved to a boot for 2 more."

"Ok so its nothing to serious "

"No umm he'll just be in a lot of pain but were gonna give you medication for that...now the medication will make him drowsy, cranky, whiny, so watch out haha other than that he should be fine"

"Ok when can he go home"

"Were gonna cast him now and then he can go"

"Ok thanks doc"

Part 2????????? Or not
Sorry its been a while I guess I have soccer...and I kinda got an injury like this so....yea I'm trying lol

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