Louis sick on stage

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Harry's POV.

It was 5 minutes untill we had to head out on stage for our concert. I looked over at Lou who stood there fidgeting with his hands.

I walked over to him and put my hand on his back. He looked up and there were tears in his eyes.

"What's wrong Lou"

"I-i don't feel good"

"What hurts Lou Lou"

I rubbed his back to try and calm him down so he wouldn't cry. I moved my hand up to cup his cheek and frowned. He did seem a bit warm.

"M-my stomach hurts haz"

"I'm sorry, do you think you can still preform"

"I'm gonna have to try"

"Ok but if you start feeling worse just tell me ok"

He nodded his head And we were counted down

'5' '4' '3' '2' '1' "your on"

We all jogged out except for louis who walked in behinds us.

I kept a close eye on him throughout the whole concert to make sure he was ok.

It was our second to last song and after my solo I looked over at louis and he looked quite pale. He looked so out of it. I walked over to him during Liam's solo and put a hand on his back. He jumped then looked at me and tried to smile.

"You okay?" I whispered to him

He shook his head and before I could say anything all his food from yesterday and today came up. He was crying now and once he was done I picked him up and carried him backstage. I don't care about what people would say I just needed to get him off stage. We walked backstage and I found a couch I layed louis on it. By that time Paul was running over to us.

"What happened!"

"He got sick on stage"

"Ok well get back out there they need you for the last song I'll stay here with him"

I hesitated for a moment before telling my self he would be ok like five times.


I headed back out on stage and informed the boys of the situation. We started our other song but it wasn't the same without Louis.

Louis POV.

I got sick on stage then Harry carried me off. He layed me on a couch and Paul stayed with me. I could feel the sick coming back up for another round so sat up and Paul must have known what was coming cause he already had a bucket shoved under my mouth. Once I was done I layed back down and waited for the boys to come back. A few minutes later I heard a lot of commotion. I opened my eyes and Harry was walking towards me.

"How you feel Lou"

"Like crap but I think I'll be ok"

"Alright do you want me to carry you to the bus or do you think you can walk"

"Can you carry me?"

"Of course"

Harry came over and scooped me up then we started walking to the bus. Paul led us on the bus then Harry walked back to the bunks.

"Mine or yours"


I love Harry's bunk it just makes me feel comfortable. He layed me down the pulled the covers up.

"Can you lay with me"

"Sure let me just go change and tell he other boys"

H walked out and I could feel myself drifting off. By the time he was back I was half way asleep. I felt him crawl in then he wrapped his arms around me. His hand moved up to my head the my cheek.

"Your feeling kinda warm"

I just curled up into him even more. Trying to get his scent and warmth.

The next morning I woke up I felt tons better then I did last night. I'm glad I have someone like harry to look after me.

Not sure if that's what you wanted but its what I did so......

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