louis injured (part 2)

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Louis POV.

The doctor and a nurse came over to me and they wheeled a cart up with a lot of supplies on it.

"Ok Louis were going to wrap your foot up ok tell us if it hurts to much alright"

I nodded my head and the began to wrap it up. Once they we're done I looked down and saw a red cast around my foot.

"Ok you can go now, I'm just gonna check you one more time then I'll get harry to come get you, and we'll talk about the rules"

Harry's POV.

"Harry you can come in now"

I walked in and saw my Lou bear layed out on a bed with a red cast wrapped around his foot. I smiled at him and he tried dto look happy. I walked over to him and grabbed his hand.

"He's on medication so he's gonna be a bit out of it haha"


"Ok so I need to tell you what he can and can't do"


"So he can't run, or walk a lot, no kicking, jumping, um just you know bed rest for two to three days depending on the pain he's in, and no shows for 2 weeks"


"Ok he's a list of other stuff to remind you"

"Ok thanks"

"Mhm and he's good to go"


"Are you gonna carry him Or what "

"Yea I will"

"Alright bye call us if you need anything"

"Thanks again"

I walled over to louis and slid my hands under him.

"You ready Lou Lou"


"Let's go"

I carried him out of the room and pual was waiting for us by the door.

"Let's get him home"

"Yea he practically falling asleep on me"

We got in the van and I layed him in my lap to where his foot was out straight and his head was on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his head.

"Did the doctor give you the medicine Paul "



Once we got home I went and set louis up in bed. I pulled the covers over him and kissed his cheak.

-a few hours later-

Louis POv.

I woke up in my bed to pian in my leg.


He came in the door and walked over to me.

"How you doing"


"It hurts Lou"

I nodded my head then he disappeared but then came back in with a bottle in his hand.

"Here take these"

He held out two pills and I took them and swallowed them then he handed me a glass of water.

"Can you lay with me"

"Sure babe"

He got in bed and wrapped his arms around me. I smiled. I felt safe and cozy in his arms. He kissed my head and then started to run his fingers through my hair. This caused me to fall asleep. Right before everything went dark I heard his whisper

"I love you"

Part 3????!??

Should I do part three or something else

Y'all give me ideas!!!!   So thankful y'all read these !!!

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