Louis sick after fight

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Louis POV.

I was in bed all day trying not to puke up my guts. I've been feeling like crap all day and it wasn't helping that Harry was at a meeting and not here helping me. I hadn't told him yet but I was planing on it when he got home. A few hours later I heard the front door open. I sighed to myself glad that harry was home now. He could finally come up here and cuddle with me and make everything better. But no my plans were crushed when harry started yelling at me.


I tried not to move to quickly or else my stomach would come up and that wouldn't be good. I rushed as fast as I could down the stairs and stood in front of Harry.


"Why Louis why"

"Why what"

"Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!"

"I don't"

I suddenly began to feel very sick to my stomach and my eyes went black and fuzzy. I felt my self falling then something caught me and everything went black.

Harry's POV.

"I don't"

Once the words left his mouth I was about to yell back but he started falling. He was about to hit the ground but I caught him.


I gently slapped his cheeks and he stirred a little. I layed him on the floor with his head in my lap and I ran my fingers through it when I realized how hot he felt. I pressed my hand against his head and gasped. My baby was really sick and I just yelled at him I feel terrible.

He started to move around and make pain noises so I gently shook him and his eyes popped open.


"Yea baby its me"


"Your gonna be sick"

He nodded his head then gagged I gently sat him up and he threw up on the couch. He started crying after so I picked him up and sat him in my lap.

"Shh its ok I got you, your fine"

I felt his forehead again and laid him on the other couch so I could go get a thermometer.

I went back over to the couch and he was already asleep. So I gently put the thermometer in his .mouth and waited for it to beep. Once it did I pulled it out and read it.

"Holy cow"

104.5. Thats pretty high. My baby was sick. I needed to get his fever down so I ran to the kitchen and got a cool rag then placed it on his head. I picked him up and brought him to our room and layed him down on our bed. I got in behind him and pulled him into me.

After a few minutes of him sleeping I heard his breathing pick up and he was now sweating and panting. It was obvious he was having a feavered nightmare so I shook him awake. He sat up quickly and threw up on the covers.

"Aw Lou"

I rubbed his back until he was done and then he layed back down.
"Come on baby let's get you cleaned up"

He was to weak to walk so I picked him up and carried him to the bathroom. I set him on the toilet and turned on the water to let it warm up. While it was getting warm I undressed Louis and myself. Once I was done I helped him up and got me and him into the shower. He was clinging on to Mr the whole time which didn't help me in needing to get him washed. I finally got ourselves clean then got clothes on us so I put Lou back in bed. Then went downstairs and got some medicine and water for him.

I made it back up and fell asleep next to Lou hopefully to sleep for a while.

It was morning and I was up before him which ment he hadn't gotten sick again. I scrolls through twitter and Instagram until Louis woke up. When he did he instantly curled up to my side.

"Hey baby, want some medicine"


"It'll help Lou"

He sighed then paused for a moment before answering.


I gave him the medicine then he fell back asleep

By the next morning he said he felt a lot better which I was glad of.

I love taking care of home but I just hate seeing him so sick, it brakes my heart.

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