Harry sick part 2

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Harry's POV.

Once Lou got me out of the tub he handed me some clothes and helped me up them on. Once I had them on he led me back over to the bed and layed down beside me. I closed my eyes and he waz running his hands through my hair. I soon drifted off into a sleep again.

Louis POV.

Harry had just fallen asleep when Paul came in with a sad look on his face.

"I'm sorry Lou but we gotta go now"

"Ok he just fell asleep"

"Kay I'll carry him and can you get the medicine bag just in case we need something"


I got up from where I was laying on the bed and pual went over and gently picked Harry up. I walked in Paul's room and got the medicine bag and went to the van where all the other boys were. I sat in the back with harry laying across me and Liam. Then Niall and Zayn were in the middle and Paul and another body gaurd were in the front. We were about halfway there when harry started moving around an awful lot. Then his eyes shot open and he whimpered. I ran my fingers through his hair.

"What's wrong hazza"


"I'm sorry haz can you try and go back to sleep or do you need medicine"


"Hey Paul can you hand me the medicine bag"

"Yea Niall will you get it its under your seat"

Niall handed me the bag once he got it and I handed it to Liam since he probobly knew what he needed. He pulled out a bottle and handed it to me.

"Here it'll probably make him sleep again to"


I opened it and gave him the correct amount for his age then helped him take it.

I continued to run my hand through his hair until he finally managed to drift off. We got to the place where we were having our interview and I gently sat Harry up to where he was leaning against me. Man this boy was nocked out cold. It was most likely the medicine. Once Niall and Zayn were out Liam moved the seats up so we could get out. Even though I could have carried Harry its better that Paul do it.

We got inside and went to the room that we sat in to wait on the inter viewer. It was kind of like our dressing rooms. They were private so no one came in. Paul layed harry down on one of the sofas and I noticed he was shivering so I took my jaket off and put it over him. He curled up in a ball and stayed there for a while until the lady called us for the interview. I kissed Harry's head and walked out with the rest of the boys hoping Harry would be ok.

We were about half way through the interview and thank gosh it wasn't a live one. So I pulled out my phone when it vibrated and saw it was from Paul.

-Hey harry woke up and he's crying and he won't stop and he keeps calling your name.

-omg is he alright can I leave the interview for a few min.

-yes its fine plz hurry.

-k I'm on my way.

Harry's POV.

I woke up in an unfamiliar room and looked around. I didn't see louis and started to panic. I started crying and soon someone was rubbing my back. I looked up and saw Paul.

"Harry what's wrong"


"Harry he's in an interview right now"

I started to cry harder and could feel my food rising in my throat.

"Harry you need to calm down your gonna make yourself sick"


I was still crying and then a few seconds later Louis came rushing in the door over to me.

"Shhh harry baby calm down ok I'm here Now it's alright"

I calmed down a little to where now I was hicupping bit not crying anymore. Louis was still rubbing my back and saying calming things to me.

I could feel it coming up my throat again and this time I knew I couldn't hold it down.

"Louis" I craoked out and I whimpered I could feel it.

"What's wrong baby"

He must have known what was about to happen by my face cause he picked me up and ran to the bathroom. He set me down and I could feel it coming closer and soon I was throwing up all my food I'd eaten in the last days or two. By now I was bawling it hurt so bad and I could barley hold myself up. Louis had his knees on either side of my hips and his arm wrapped around my chest to help hold me up. He used his other hand to rub it through my hair. Once I was done I leaned back against Louis. We sat there for a good 5 minutes and I was drifting off again when Louis picked me up and carried me back to the room.

I don't know how long I had been asleep but we were back in our hotel room when I woke up. Louis was asleep beside me curled up to my side. I smiled even when I'm sick he's still the little adorable baby. I felt way better than I had before now. I guess all I needed was a lot of sleep and a lot of love.

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