Louis (cold)

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Louis POV.

I had just gotten done recourding and I was walking home. I found out that that was a bad idea cause as soon as I walked out I was met with a very cold wind that almost knockednme over. It was also snowing a little and I smiled it hadn't snowed in a week and it usually does everyday during the winter. I started walked and found out that my jacket was very thin cause I was freezing. I was debating on whether or not to duck into one of the little shops on the side of the road but kept walking with a since of urgency to get home. I was walking through the park when I felt my nose start to twitch. I began to sneeze over and over. Once I was was done I continued my walk home. I was so glad when I saw mine and Harry's flat come into view. I went up to the door and groaned because it was locked. I knocked and waited a few minutes until Harry opened the door.

"Oh my gosh Lou come in you look like your freezing"

He pulled me in and sat me on the couch as my teeth chattered. I began to sneeze again and smiled when Harry came over and wrapped a big blanket around me. He then went off and returned with a cup of hot tea.


"No problem what's with you thinking you can walk home with the weather like this, you could've called me ya know"

"Yea I'm crazy"

"I hope you don't get sick"

"Me to"

I leaned into Harry when he sat on the couch and he wrapped his arms around me. I closed my eyes and began to drift off until I felt harry move.

"Sorry baby I was just gonna go put you in bed, go back to sleep"

I closed my eyes again and felt Harry lift me up. I cuddled into his embrace as he walked to our room. He set me down and kissed my head.

"Goodnight baby"

-next morning-

I woke up to a tickle in my throat. I sat up quickly and sneezed. Harry woke up and sat up as I continued to sneeze. After a while I began to feel light headed and I gripped onto Harry's arm. When I was done sneezing I layed back down and groaned.

I felt Harry's hand come to my head.

"I think your getting sick babe"

I just groaned in response and curled up in a ball. I could feel my head pounding against my skull.

"Do you want some medicine baby"

I shook my head and he ran his fingers through my hair.

"It'll help you feel better"


(Sighs) "ok"

"Can you lay with me"

"Of course baby"

Harry layed next to me him being the bigger spoon and I started coughing. Which really burned my throat. I started crying and Harry wiped the tears away.

"Shh hey baby what's wrong"


"Well don't talk then, Lou I think you need medicine"

(Whimpers) "ok"

Harry got up and walked out then came back with a glass of water and some medicine.

"Here sit up"

He helped me sit up then gave me the medicine then layed back down with me and rubed my side until I fell asleep.

-next morning-

I woke up feeling much better than lat night but I still had the runny nose and a little sneeze.

"How ya feeling'



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