Harry (request)

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Dedicated to Squirrel7748

Louis POV.

I woke up in the middle of the night to hear someone snoring. I roll over and see that its Harry. That's weird I thought, he usually never snores. Maybe its just the way he's laying. I placed my hand on his back, ready to move him when I noticed how hot he felt. I let my hand go up to his head and felt that he had a fever. Yep he's proboly sick. I'll let him sleep and see how he is in the morning.

-Next Morning-

Harry's POV.

I woke up feeling like crap, my head was spinning and I was freezing but sweating at the same time. Arg great I think I'm sick. I snuggled up close to Louis and felt him move.

Louis POV.

I felt heat on my body. I was so hot I instantly knew it was harry so I rolled over and felt his head. Yep still got a fever it might even be higher. He started to wake up so I ran my fingers through his hair. Once he was awake he groaned and layed his head on my chest.

"What's wrong haz"

"My s-stomach and head"

"Awe I'm sorry do you want some medicine"

"No" (starts crying) "don't leave"

"Ok I won't I'm here"


"Yes baby"

"It hurts" (sobbing)

"Shh baby you need to calm down"

"I can't just calm down Louis!"

"I'm sorry"

"Can you rub my tummy"

"Of course"

Man he sure gets going on an emotional roller coaster when he's sick.

I helped him lay down then I began to softly but firmly rub his stomach until be finally fell asleep. Once he was asleep I layed down beside him and wrapped my arms around him. He may be taller than me but he can be the smaller one when he wants to.

I ended up galling asleep after a long time on twitter and Instagram. I fell into a peaceful sleep knowing Harry was beside me and alright.

I was suddenly awoken by crying. It was close by. I opened .y eyes and saw Harry sitting up with his head in his hands.

"What's wrong baby"

"I feel sick"

"Are you gonna get sick"


"Ok let's go to the bathroom"

Once we got to the bathroom. I sat harry on the floor and helped support him.

"I don't wanna get sick"

He started to get really clingy like he wouldn't let go of me and I was being pulled down by him.

"Its ok I'm right here"


Before he could finish sick came out of his mouth and spilled into the bowl. Once he was done I cleaned him up and brought him back to bed.

"Let's go to sleep haz"

"Love you"

"Love you to"

I placed a kiss on his head as he wrapped his arms around me. We drifted into a deep sleep in each others arms.

Once we woke up harrysaid he was feeling better but still a bit sick. So we spent the day cuddling and watching movies.

Typical ending but I couldnt think lol my next ones will be way better I've been testing this week so I had to study!! Yay school lol hope y'all enjoy!

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