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Louis POV.

I knew I was sick and getting worse but I didn't want to go to the doctor because I was overdue for two shots. I hated shots and the doctor and Harry wasn't helping by pushing me and telling me I needed to go.

"Louis baby I only want what's best for you I don't want you to get worse"

"Harry I'm fine"

Just then I started to cough violently and I almost passed out after due to low oxogen.

Harry grabbed my arm and sat me on the couch. He went to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water and handed it to me.

"Louis your clearly not well when you almost passed out"

"Harry I'm fine"

"Ok but if it gets worse I'm taking you to the doctor no questions asked ok?"


"Thank you now let's go to bed"

I let Harry bring me to our room and put me in the bed. Then he got in beside me and spooned me, me being the little spoon. He kissed my head and put his arm around me.

"Good night Lou"


-next day-

I woke up in a coughing nose running mess. I tried to quiet the sounds by shoving my face in a pillow but I guess harry heard because he was soon awake.

"Louis I'm taking you to the doctor today"

"Harry I'm fine"

"Louis no your not I'm taking you and that's the end of it"


After we got dressed harry offered me some breakfast but I declined due to an upset stomach. Harry then led me to the car where he got in the drivers side. The car ride was silent, only the sound of the radio could be heard. I coughed up my lungs two more times until we made it to the doctors. Once we got there Harry came around and opened my door then led me inside.

He went up to he desk and signed me in while I sat in a chair. Once he was done he came and sat by me and put his hand on my thigh. I was scared I really hated shots and I know I'm gonna have to get them today. Soon enough the doctor came out and called my name. Harry came with me and I was really glad, I could not go back there alone.

Once we got to the room the doctor told me to sit on the table. I sat up there and saw him walk over with two shots in his hand. My eyes went wide and I started to jump down until Harry caught me.

"Louis look at me your going to be fine alright it won't hurt for long"

The doctor came closer and I started trying to get away from Harry. He just tightened his grip on me.

"Harry let me go!!!!!"

"I'm sorry louis but you have to get these"

After about 15 minutes of struggling in his arms I fell limp and started to violently cough again. Harry picked me up and sat me in his lap. The doctor came over and I flinched away but Harry held me still. He held down my right arm and kissed my cheek.

"Louis look at me

I looked at him and he started talking to me. A few minutes later the doctor said he was done and I looked down and he had already given me the shots. I gasped and got out of Harry's lap.

"You distracted me!"

"I'm sorry Lou you had to get them, and the doctor still has to see what's wrong with you so come sit back in my lap or go sit on the table"

I thought about it for a minute before I went to sit in Harry's lap. I figured that he would be more comforting than a table. The doctor came over and asked me to open my mouth. I hesitated before slowly opening my mouth.

After he examined me for what seemed like hours he finally concluded that I had the flu.

Harry thanked the doctor and got my medicine then helped me out to the car. I was upset at Harry for making me get tha shots. When we got home he brought me up to bed and then he went back downstairs. He came back up with a glass of water and the pills I had to take.

"Here Lou you have to take these"

(Groans) "fine"

After I took the pills I started to feel sleepy. My eyes started to close and Harry climbed in by me, he spooned me close and I started to fall asleep. Right before I fell asleep I heard him say 'I love you' then he kissed my cheak and I fell asleep smiling.

Sorry it took so long a lot of things have been happening lately. Hope you like it sorry if it isn't like you wanted it.

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